Notes from being at the game.

When I heard the Lions were coming to Dallas I had to go, so my Dad and I headed to Dallas, had a great time. Here are some side notes from observing the game.


Ndamukong Suh will be Defensive rookie of the year. We already knew this, but he continues just to dominate. Getting into the backfield disrupting plays. And how awesome was it to see him try and rip off Marion Barbers head. Start calling him the Head Hunter.

This defense is a great Linebacker away from being one of the best run stopping teams. WHAT? Yah, I said it. The defensive line is dominate at stopping the run, but it cannot do it every time, we need a play making, hard tackling, Linebacker.

O-Line Penalties. Biggest controversy at the moment. When I saw that 22 yard play, and then i saw the flag, I knew it was Peterman. How bad is it, when we already know, who committed the foul? Raiola and Peterman will be replaced in the next two years. (hopefully)

Encroachment penalties. While extremely annoying, EXTREMELY. It shows a young defense, wanting to go go go. With more concentration and growth of this defense, silly penalties will dissipate.

The Offense is boring without Matthew Stafford. It does not function like the well oiled machine Linehan created it to be with Stafford in the drivers seat. I am very grateful for Shaun Hill, but he is a back-up for a reason.

Special Teams. Either amazing, or horrible. Returns were par, punting and coverage was fantastic. Except on that one, stupid, idiotic, Old Lions, punt return for a TD. Our team thought the play was over, downed them inside the 5 again. NOPE. By by momentum.

Speaking of momentum, I consider a huge factor in the game of football. The Lions had control of the momentum, and were able to hand it over on a silver platter saying your welcome and bowing in the process. With the Punt return, a penalty, and fumble. All in about 2 minutes.

We have three receiving backs, and no running back at the moment. Actually two since Kevin Smith went on IR.

Nate Burleson would be destructive in the slot. He is already productive as the #2 wideout, if we had another large deep threat, and then put Nate in the Slot, Deadly.

Red zone run defense gets an A. Red zone pass defense gets an F.

And until our team figures out there is a 4th quarter, we will continue losing games.

One more thing, why do we not have a giant screen and cheerleaders on it? Just asking.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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