Reality Check!

Winning football is about making the fewest mistakes, I would hope we all agree on this.

Winning football is about having ''depth'' at all positions if you hope to go deep in the playoffs. If we look at a team's roster of 53 players, we dress 45 for a game. But how important are the 8 leftover players (that aren't being dressed) to a team? If any of those 8 players would be good enough to become back-ups or regulars on most teams, I would surmise that this team is a Super Bowl contender on paper.


Which brings me to our beloved Lions. In their 2 year rebuilding process, I'm willing to wait a few more years to give the FO a chance to complete their plan. We have Stafford who (when healthy) elevates the quality of play of the whole offense. I dare say the same about Suh, the defense is so much stronger when he's on the field. That secondary that was the weak link has shown that with good pressure, they can cover the opponents quite well.


There are many pieces missing to complete the puzzle as the franchise was depleted of its talent with the previous administration. This year's Lions have shown glimpses of greatness on both sides of the ball. The nucleus of young stars mixed in with solid veterans is getting there. Van Den Bosch has those defensive linemen chasing the ball carrier way past the line of scrimmage, he is an example of great veteran presence on a team.


There are leaders emerging on this ball club but we still need to be patient with the Lions. Winning may be everything but right now, the team is still vulnerable to injuries, suspensions... as we have seen with the loss of Stafford. If Raiola is our best center, I wonder what his replacement is worth!  If Suh misses 2 games, can Sammy Lee, Fluellen be adequate replacements?


In a long season of a very violent sport, we need 53 guys that help us win ball games. We can't always count on our 1st stringers to pull us through. This year has shown this, injuries have affected this ball club (and most other franchises)!


I'm just making the point that you can't hope for a winning record or anything close when a few of our 1st stringers wouldn't even be dressed for a game if they were part of another organization. Larry Foote is a back-up in Pittsburgh. Pick your ex Lion lol.


I don't expect the Lions to win another game this season, the injures have hurt us badly but I sure as hell haven't lost hope. If we can steal 1 or 2 games, I'll be happy. I feel that when Mayhew took over, he had to find 48-50 players to build this club into a contender. He's done pretty good in such a short period of time. We have a good coaching staff but they can get so much mileage out of a few mules, you think Cowher can do better? I like to think that those who joined the Lions have shown the guts to start from scratch.


Cowher got Noll's Steelers, Gruden got Dungy's Bucs. Inheriting a good nucleus helps a coach get a reputation but it takes someone special to do it from scratch. That's why I stand behind the FO, Schwartz and his staff. Give them a chance!

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