Outside the W ( Tom Turkey)

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  This week Ndamukong Suh will feast on Tom Turkey or atleast he needs to if we have a shot at winning this game. This game isn't as scary as some fans may belive but we will have to play at are full potential to win. The Patriots have a young and inexperinced secondary. Our best asset will be Megatron and Recepticon vs these young corners using there size and experince to take full advantage of them. The Lions will dust off the old school jerseys this week it would be nice to see them play like the teams that actually wore those uniforms for every game. Sense Stafford will be on the bench obviously I'd like to see us take a cue from the NE offense. Short throws can win games watch there tapes. So how do we or can we win this game? Well to do so we will have to do ALL 10 of these things.

1. Take the bench brady- Keep the offense off the field we need to control the clock and keep the ball. Sense we have no run game look for Pettigrew to take alot of short catches and convert the chains.

2. 4 course meal- Suh and company will have to feast on the turkey ALL day. Keeping Brady on his back is are best chance to win.

3 Megatron- Take the deep shots at Calvin the young corners should be an advantage to the huge guy that wears 81. Don't over do it but we need to rely on CJ to get us in the endzone.

4. Penalties- As everyweek I say play smart yada yada yada.

5. Maurice- Try to let Mo Mo atleast make the pats think we can run the ball at times. I have no doubt that thursday Mo Mo will start at RB. I'd like to see Brown get his share of carrys as well. Felton proved last week he isn't the great power back we need him to be this week is no time to force the issue.

6. Stop the run- We have to improve are run defense I refuse to except Danny  Woodhead and Ben Jarvius..... putting up 300 yards. We need them to run but we need them to be limited while doing so.

7. Take risk- We need to be very creative on offense this week and think out side the box. Theres nothing wrong with drawing up plays in the dirt in the NFL if you see something make a play to take advantage.

8. Score- Obviously but last week we had a hard time putting up points even on good drives. We need to score TDs and we need alot of them. If Kitna can run one in the Hill can too, do what has to be done even if its Stanton in the redzone if it puts up points I won't complain.

9. Hanson- Jason should be a nice addition to have some one who can get the 3 when its needed and can handle the pressure of what is hopefully a tight game. The Browns beat these guys I hope we can have a similar upset.

10. The Predator- Louis Delmas needs to get his swagger back make the big game changing hits and lead the back of the defense. I am sure his injury is hampering him but we really need 26 now.

 I will not be on the game thread thursday I have to go to family dinner hopefully I can WATCH THE GAME this year. Have no worry I have handed dutys to Enforcer for postng pics. I have approved them. If he fails feel free to blame him not me lol.

The Guy In The Glass Author: Peter "Dale" Wimbrow, Sr.-

   When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf, And the world makes you King for a day, Then go to the mirror and look at yourself, And see what that guy has to say. For it isn't your Father, or Mother, or Wife, Who judgement upon you must pass. The feller whose verdict counts most in your life Is the guy staring back from the glass. He's the feller to please, never mind all the rest, For he's with you clear up to the end, And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test If the guy in the glass is your friend. You may be like Jack Horner and "chisel" a plum, And think you're a wonderful guy, But the man in the glass says you're only a bum If you can't look him straight in the eye. You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years, And get pats on the back as you pass, But your final reward will be heartaches and tears If you've cheated the guy in the glass.



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