Sunshiners Unite... Ha Ha Ha

Can you guys feel the love around here or what? Its just a complete war zone around here, which is getting old all in itself. I guess i just have a few questions or comments and then i will be out of your hair.


Thorpac just posted an article Statistics: Or, why the Lions still suck pretty much stating that he doesn't understand where we are getting our numbers that prove improvement. First off your "side" says that the only stat that counts is wins and losses. So why even waste your time with doing all you due diligence to find all the negative stats you could find and posting them in an article. We all new what article you were going to write before you even wrote it.

Then you go to PODs award winning ChicoWong for Measuring Progress.  His stats are a little bit more balanced and that the lions do show improvement and how this team is building and growing. Some threw a shit fit about numbers, stats, and the only way to show improvement is to win. So which is it only wins or do we accept shitty stats but not the good stats?

The thing I see about the sunshiners is were more even keeled than what we are made out to be. We get backed into a corner by a barrage of shit so we have to defend everyone and everything just to save our women and children. So asinine to assume that we are ok with losing. We can see things were disappointed in and things that we should be happy about. We just dont choose to beat the hell out of the bad shit because as Mr Lahey would say "The shit winds are coming, and there blowing shit" is plenty of guys that only like to focus on the bad and will be more than happy to bring it to our attention.

The comment i love the most is how we settle for this garbage and they don't. Well if we are so stupid why dont you show some balls and just quit watching the games, quit coming on POD looking for links for the game, quit buying jerseys or shirts... If the lions are just so shitty and you cannot take it anymore just walk away from it all, go help your wife, go do homework with your kids, take your kids hunting or fishing, take your grandparents for walk, go do some yard work or go find a job whatever it is that you need to do.

Are we "Sunshiners" really the stupid ones for liking to tune into the game hoping to see a great game (viewing the product from this year to last year is easier on the eyes thats for sure) and hoping that we might pull of the win. Do we get angry during the game shit ya we do ( I was cussing linehans name last week vs the cowboys) Do we see the good, the bad, and the ugly... yeah we do, even though im told I wear rosy glasses. Guess thats better than wearing a fedora full elephant shit.

Are we really the dumb ones who talk shit all week and then cheer all game and then come out of the game saying "oh SAME OLD LIONS, we lost it has to be the same old.... Im older than you I KNOW HOW ITS GOING TO END." Good for you sir... your older than me, I really dont give a damn how many years of Lions football you have seen, you keep tuning in and you keep tuning out with the same old negative shit storm so who really has the problem here. Find a new hobby... something that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, my grandma played puzzles and solitaire try one of those.

I realize that there is two sides to every game and thats what POD is for... to speak your peace be it good or bad, make some friends but the OVERALL GOAL is to have a good time just like the NFL its supposed to be for a good time. As of late it hasnt been a good time in here, just getting fisted in the ass with hatred like a Turkey getting stuffed on Turkey Day. Its just been a non stop thread after thread hate fest but then everyone says oh oh no im a fan you cant take that away from me and then just spew more hate after more hate... How do you come back to your television week after week and watch the lions. Its like having a wife or girlfriend you just be little and beat her into nothing then on Friday you take her out and wine and dine her then take her home to tell her how much she is ruining your life and what she needs to do to improve.

I know your going to say well your saying you have a good time with the lions sucking ass and losing all the time. Watching the Lions compete this year is exciting we have had a plethora of moments good and bad, watching this team grow and deal with adversity makes it worth tuning in each game to me. And yes i do believe that its leading to something better... It really just rubs me the wrong way that when the Lions do get this turned around that these grumpy SOBs will come flying back oh i knew this time it was different knew it all along, GO LIONS. It goes back to the wife analogy you leave your wife and she becomes successful or whatever with out you, you dont just get to run back into her life and take over. You abused your wife be happy with the choices you made and live with them.

In closing this is turning into a madhouse where intelligent discussions used to happen now it seems there is teams pitted against each other to see who has the bigger collective dick. Im not trying to tell you how to think or that i don't want to hear it if it isn't what i want to hear... but im sick of being painted into a corner by guys telling me i told you so because the lions lost. If you know the lions are losers and suck that's fine just go somewhere else or find something else to do. Leave POD to guys who want to read new ideas and opposing view points with out being bastardized into nothing and getting the negative cock shoved in my throat.

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