Champions are Losers that just don't QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going out on the limb with this one. The Lions have been losing for the past 50 years, so what? When they get their act right, they'll be just what you don't expect them to be, Champions.


What's wrong with them?

1-They need depth, not superstars. They have CJ, Staff and Suh, enough stars to build around.

2- They need discipline. Yes blame the coach if you will. Why do you draw penalties? Because you cheat and why do you cheat? Is it because you're not good enough or are you trying to get an edge to carry the team so you can cover for weak players. The Lions have the weakest and shittiest linebackers in the NFL, they can't stop the rush because they can't tackle and they're out of position. They don't cover the pass very well at all. Maybe the same goes for Peterman on the O line, trying to compensate and get a bull rush to open holes (or he can't play the game at that level). You pay a heavy price if you want to do more than your job it seems. It's a team game.

3- They don't have Continuity. Either we don't get the commitment of the FO for the present and future of the team or either they're idiots running the team. I said it before, it takes guts to take on a project with the Detroit Lions. Do you really think Cowher who inherited a strong Pittsburgh team and took 14 years to take them to the Promised Land would try his luck in Detroit? I gues it would take him 228 years to get to the Super Bowl. Gruden? He'd butcher this team for the now moment with an over the hill QB and old veterans and redo a Marineli on us. Before we put names of possible replacements, look where they come from and what they built. Tony Dungy built the Bucs from scratch and Gruden won the SB with his team! So give Schwartz a fucking break, he knows what he's doing. He can't mask the lack of talent at critical positions on this team. It's been said many times, it takes time to rebuild a ball club from scratch.

4-Salary Cap. Even though this year is uncapped, a financial budget has to be set. How many 10 M$ a year superstars can we afford? If you have 100M$ to spend on 53 players, the more superstars you have, less is left for the complementary players. It's simple math! You think we need a stud corner? I beg to differ, you need LB's on defense. If I were Mayhew, I hope they trade down and possibly out of the 1st round so we can get picks not necessarily for this year but subsequent years (Billichik's way fo keeping the Pats rolling). We don't need superstars but a stable of good to excellent support players we can afford. The more FA you bring in, less is left for the other players that are developing, you have to give up on them for purely financial reasons sometimes. If you guys think a top 5 pick with a stud corner is the answer, tell me how that compensates for poor linebackers? How the FO balances the equation of primadonnas (top 5 picks every year) versus getting solid support players is where the game should be played. Overpaid FA's don't always work out well when their best years are behind them.

5-Special Teams. Here's a fact, every year teams overhaul Special teams because they get fresh new rookies on the field this way. This year, we got studs to play there because we haven't got the talent level that we need to be competitive. By this I mean, teams drop studs from ST's because they are developing rookies into good players whereas the ST studs can do little else for the team.


You want wins? Take a number, they will come. Enjoy the games. Stats show how bad they are but after 3 quarters, they are often ahead, tied or very close. That's why I disregard them for now because I see the Lions hanging in there till the 4th quarter. That is enough for me when I look at their roster. Next year I want them to be in there for the whole game (they have hung in there till the end enough to get a passing grade from me).


Sorry for the long post!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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