Schwartz should be extended immediately......

Joshun, quit


For 1 additional year only at this point. Here's why I say that.


As we seen after the Pats game, the team while not out and out quitting on Schwartz, has started the initial steps to the long slow but steady decline in discipline, effort, and team unity.

While athletes talk a great game, can have meetings until the cows come home to straighten out what should be internal matters and are highly paid, under press and fan scrutiny, the subtle placement of blame starts exactly with what CW and CH did after the Pats game. While everyone may say it's all worked out, the guilty parties they were subtlety referring to will now subconsciously hold a grudge, and will go to their "sources" to deflect blame off of themselves.


It's then becomes a vicious cycle, and what these two started does not one bit of good unless the wins start piling up, which to myself looks like that's going to be next to impossible at this point.(hope I'm wrong)

Taking it further, we have all seen where in the players minds it couldn't possibly be the players themselves, or the talent assembled, or the effort being expended that's causing the losing, it has to be the coaching and system of course. it's certainly not them, and forget that happy "the blame is on me, the players have to pick it up" hogwash. That's player speak 101, and one of the best at that is DOM, just to name a player and example.

So then in the back of their minds they realize where Schwartz is on his current contract, and if they see him as a lame duck coach knowing that he's potentially out of here after one more year, and knowing that a roster can't be turned over in one year, they just potentially bought themselves a couple more years of paychecks if the current coach and staff is given the boot.


The subtle blaming of the coaches first starts amongst the players and with hints to the press, and the level of play declines further.


Now this is where the extension comes in. Extend Schwartz now, he's then no longer a lame duck, the players can see that he has the backing of the FO and ownership, and they better get off of there asses and pick up their level of play, or else they could potentially be out of here and scrambling for a job.


Now if  Schwartz at the end of next year has still underachieved as I feel he has done up to this point in time, well then fire him. The lame duck excuse was taken out of the equation at least, and what the hell? The Ford's are great at eating coaches contracts, and it's only for one year.

If he has a great year next year, give him a multiple year extension and it's all good, but no way in hell should Schwartz not have more then one year left remaining on his contract going into next season IMHO.

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