Lions/Jets... The matchup/key to the game

The NY Jets come to town this week as a 3.5pt favorite.   With the Lions recent win, this game will be a big benchmark on how this team is developing.   Are the Lions capable of winning a big time game at home?  Are the capable of winning back to back?   The Jets are high up on the power rankings, have only lost 2 games, and are almost a sure lock for the playoffs.   Not to mention, coming off an embarrassing home shutout against our rival Packers.


Lets take a look at how the Jets stack up against the LIons....

22.7   PTS FOR 26.1
15.7 PTS AGNST   23.6
7.0 DIFF.   2.6
184.4   PASS YDS 250.6
153.4 RUSH YDS   82.3
218.6 PASS D   219.9
88.7 RUSH D   130.4
-1.0   TO DIFF -0.1


Strong Offense vs Strong Defense.... that's what this charts tells me.


BUT, lets go deeper and look at what home field advantage means for the Lions.


Stats Breakdown   RANK   RANK
New York's Overall Scoring vs Detroit's Overall Defense 22.7 12 23.6 26
New York's Road Passing vs Detroit's Home Defense 205.7 18 218.7 17
New York's Road Rushing vs Detroit's Home Defense 182.7 1 123.3 22
Detroit's Overall Scoring vs New York's Overall Defense 26.1 6 15.7 2
Detroit's Home Passing vs New York's Road Passing Defense 254.7 9 220.7 12
Detroit's Home Rushing vs New York's Road Rushing Defense 102.0 18 114.3 20


Hmmmm... talk about evening up the stats.  The Jets Road defense is significantly worse.... as is their passing... Rushing... How the hell they manage 182yds on the ground is beyond me.


As for the Key to this game, once again I'm going with the QB, Mark Sanchez.  Only, Detroit doesn't have to key ON HIM.... but has to force him win the game by taking away the run.  Force the Jets to pass.  In their 2 losses, the Jets passed more than ran... in the Packers game it was 60/40!   Sanchez had 38 pass attempts and just could not get it done.

Key:  Force Sanchez to make plays, Stop the run, win the game.


Once again the stats in this post can be found here>>> 


I'll leave you with the Photo of the week posted in another thread... (please identify yourself for recognition)


Jabba and his bitch. (Please feel free to add your own caption)

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