Thankyou 2010 Detroit Lions

I need to get this off my chest while I can still think properly if you know what I mean, the Beam train is headed my way.

1st: I want to thank Jim and Martin for a great 1st half of the season, I know if Stafford wouldn't of gotten hurt we probably would make the playoffs...

2nd: Please IR Stafford for the rest of the season, he's not healthy.   He was hurting before he went out, shoulders are a funny thing.  Let's all be honest right now, we might win 1-3 more games this season but were not going to the playoffs.  

3rd: Stanton needs to start the rest of the season, I know Hill can play but we need to start thinking about our future if Stafford continues to get hurt.  Is Stanton worth keeping, he has a arm, he canrun he deserves the chance to play to decide if he's worth keeping.   I know alot of people will say that's why we signed Hill but this is a different situation right now.   Let's just say Stafford get's hurt next season early on via like he got hurt agaisnt the bears.   Do you want Hill in the rest of the season or a guy that can get the ball down field.   I would like to see Stanton get sometime then make my choice

4th: Jim you still have alot to learn about being a head coach, I know your the guy for the job, but throwing the ball on 3rd down when you could of taken another 40 seconds off the clock was dumb, sorry it was dumb...

5th: Continue to make smart moves in the off season, I really think players will want to sign with us.   We are so close to becoming a feared team.  My wish list will be via draft or FA, another starting CB, another starting SS, what happendto Kevin Smith again??? maybe it's time to get a back to handle the carries Best can't.   Best is not a starting RB and that's the last time this year I will say that.  Our O-line played well enough this year, if we can't sign a proventackle I'd rather be stuck with Backus another year.  What would be worse is throwing a rookie tackle out there next year with Stafford, no, no, no.

Lastly I'm not a fair weather fan, please don't take this post as that.   I am still going to watch all the games, just I have a shut off valve so I don't get to wrapped up in the season.  I have one with the Tigers which I used, unfortunately already used it with the Pistons this year...LOL...   I'm just trying to think logical right now and I know the Lions season is over.

I saw great improvments this year and if Stafford can put a healthy 16 game season together we will be the NFC north champs... GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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