After the Smoke has cleared

As we come to realize that our dreams and unrealistic views of us being a playoff team were just that- unrealistic. This is not because we do not have talent, this not because we have a bad coach or FO. This is because of two things. First of all, we are The Detroit Lions. The overall "karma" of this team so to speak is crappy, while others may consider this an excuse, we all know it can be better to be lucky than good, we have no luck. Secondly, this team was the worst team in NFL history two years ago. If we expected to be contenders in this period of time, we set our hopes to high. Some might say, but what about the Miami Dolphins. They went from 1-15 to 11-5. Well they won a game that year, we did not. Plus such turn-arounds take some luck and maybe a miracle here or there. Which brings me back to our first point, the Lions have had no such luck for the past 50+ years.


Now after that little speech of sorts. I would like to point to something very exciting! This Defense, that we can actually call a Defense. 

Some already bright spots to this young defense belong to- The Secondary?! If you told me at the beginning of the season we would have two young starting capability Cornerbacks playing by week 10. I would bet $20 and lose it.

Alphonso Smith (The Fonz) Age: 25

Tackles: 30 total/ Int: 5/ 1 Fumble recovered/ 1TD.

Chris Houston (He needs a nickname) Age: 26

Tackles: 27 total/ Int: 1/ 1 Forced fumble. It is not necessarily his stats that shine but his ability to shut down WR's which has been a huge contributing factor for this Defense. Unfortunately he separated his Shoulder.

Which brings me to the biggest weakness of the Defense and team in general. Conditioning and Stamina. Some of us have tried to ignore this fact, others have been screaming it since the beginning of the season. The injuries are not do to all of our players being made of paper. Whoever is in charge of healing up our players, or getting them ready and in strong physical condition for the games, needs to be fired.

Now here are some cool facts for our 2010 Detroit Lions Defense.


2010: 25 Sacks (by week 10)

2009: 26 Sacks (total for the year)

2010: 9 Int (by week 10)

2009: 9 Int (total for the year)

One other thing I would like to point out is how important Deandre Levy is to this defense. Especially in the area of Run Defense.

Without Levy: Vs. Rams 27 carries 128 Yrds. @Giants 29 carries 169 Yrds.

With Levy: Vs. Redskins 19 carries 80 Yrds.  Vs. Jets 30 carries 109 Yrds.

He is a key to keeping the Middle of the field closed up.

Thanks for reading! Add any comment you wish, GO LIONS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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