A few thoughts and a place for us to ramble.

Well I just had some stuff rolling around in my head. I live in Texas as many of you know and almost never get to see a game, have anyone to talk with about the Lions or really get to see and grade our talent on the team. I had some questions/ thoughts and just wanted to leave a place for everyone to ramble so here goes.


I am sick of the talk of Schwartz being fired. I know it is only by few but regaurdless of what we the fans think, he will be here next year so lets just let it rest till this time next year and we can talk about it then.


Avril really stepped up this last game and I was very impressed and happy to see him have a big game.


Sorry Staton, I thought you would stink it up very bad vs. the Bears even tho I was cheering you on to make me eat my words. You did and I hope you just continue to make me eat my words in the rest of the games you play this year. Regaurdless if you stay a Lion, good luck to you next year and thanks for the hard work.


Anyone think since KVB is having neck surgery that we may take a DE in the 1st round next year instead of Peterson the CB ? Would love to hear peoples thoughts on this.


Who should the Lions take with their 2nd round pick. I have heard Greg Jones mostly. He is a MLB tho and we have Levy. What does everyone think of Bruce Carter ? If both players are available, who would you take if going for a LB. Should we even go for LB with this pick and is their any other player we should pick instead.


Calvin - Wow this is not a suprise to me that he would think about leaving due to the lack of wins. But to me you keep that in house, especially when the season is not over yet. He just brought a bunch of negative light to the team and upset the fan base which was not needed and uncalled for. Do I understand and feel what he was saying, yes. But that should be addressed to the FO behind closed doors.

If he does not want to sign a contract extention before next season, I think the Lions should at least consider trading him to what they could get. I love Calvin as a Lion but if the feeling is he will not sign, I sure would hate to loose him and get nothing for only 1 more yr of service. A.J. Green would make a nice replacement if the FO really thinks this is a trade that needs to be made. I am leaving it to them to make this call. I am simply saying that through the FO and Calvin talking and things don't look good they should trade him. This is something that us the fans will never know what is being said behind those doors so I leave that discision to the FO. Some will blast me for that but like I said, IF IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE WE WILL BE RETAINING HIS SERVICES OTHER THEN NEXT YEAR. I would rather get something then just let him walk. Hope he stays tho bottom line.


Love to hear your responses !

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