My keep Schwratz post was a JOKE..he will be fired,he proved that

I was actually looking forward to the keep Jimmy posts'     haven't seen em.No one still has givin me 'why Schwartz is a good coach' its always oh we lost Stafford,or another excuse for losing.
The Lions scored 7 pts vs a beat up defense,missing about 6 starters.And the Lion's almost lost a game to a guy that never takes a snap.The Pack gave this game to the Lion's.a pass interferance NOT called (if it was the 1st Quarter it was gonna be a flag). Jenning drops a 70 YD,turns into an INT.G Bay lost this one ,Lions didnt win it.

I kinda thought you guys were gonna get my sarcasm ,Lions played hard for Schwartz was a shot at the number of times THEY didnt play hard in games past. (i will admit the  D Line was great-of course Avril got his less than 25% snaps again)  Calvin wasn't used,our best run game was Stanton.You could tell the Pack was deflated when Rogers went out,a decent coach wouldv'e stomped on this team.Green Bay had ZERO running game,NO QB,and missing about 25 guys from its 53-man opening day roster,and the Lions beat em 7-3..

i was praying that somehow Schwartz would blow this game,hoping to see how many people would say OK we can fire him now.Trust me if the Lions wouldv'e lost this one i wouldv'e been the guy at the next home game with the .Fire Schwartz T-Shirts.

The Calvin-Schwartz hug,was a joke cuz when Schwartz grabbed Calvin to say GG,Calvin just looked at him,pulled his arm away, and said something kinda like FUCK OFF JIM .so the 'oh hang in there Calvin' was a JOKE (i was like 15 rows up and you could tell Calvin wasnt happy about not seeing the ball AGAIN)    then Calvin ran to C Woodson to talk.

Did 'coach Jim' move at ALL on TV? he moved one play the ENTIRE GAME the ,out of the pocket  INT,he went on field and then he smacked McDonald on his after the play,the ONLY time all game he talked to a player or coach,i watched him pretty good,the game was boring so not hard to watch . Sorry he did get a gatorade at the 2 min Time Out.You could actually see guys coming off the field looking for a high-5 or anything..HE DOESNT DO THAT.

     If  Dumb-ass Millen was the GM of this team and Schwartz was 5-24 with this roster,EVERYONE  in this POD would be saying the same things i am,you guys might just be the 'PUSSIES'  as someone called me..once again 'why is Schwartz a good coach'      GIVE me one example,reason, one can or will


 Mayhew hasn';t  fired him yet ,cuz Mawhew hired him (doesnt want to make himself look bad)  but keeping a bad coach,hurts all the work Mayhew has done.

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