Logan to running back ?

It's obvious from the last few games how potent this young man can be as a runner period. From returning,  to lining up in the backfield. Detroit has had some obvious holes at running back and no runner has yet to be consistent. The #1 back seems to be Best but after that its a constant rotation. Now I'm not stating Logan is THE ANSWER, but he could definitely be part of a hybrid solution. He can begin his accent now and carry over til next season.

First lets look over the current RB roster, Best, Smith, Morris, and Brown.

The general consensus on Best is he has potential to be a good RB but has been hindered all season from turf toe, he will need next season to prove himself and stay healthy there's no doubt about that. He is also considered part of the solution to the RB situation to the franchise. His catching needs improvement as too many passes have went his way but w/ less success than those ones we "remember" that get highlights or big gains once or twice when thrown to 4-6 times on the dump offs a game.

Smith was supposed to be part of this equation but to be realistic, returning from injury he showed a hesitation that hindered his comeback some as well as hasn't actually proven himself. In his rookie year he showed a flash of potential but right now they cant look at what he could have done but what he still hasn't been able to do. Add that to another season IR'd and you have a solid reason on why he probably wont b back next year. He will be fighting.

Now Brown had an injury this season but last season he showed the potential on why he was placed on this roster this year for special teams and possible battle at RB for 3/4th, w/ the injuries at RB which included himself it could be fair to say he never got a solid chance to prove it, however when he was on the field he didn't seem to have an It factor that the team needs now or in the future.

Morris well he has been a workhorse and dependable for them and last few games he has really helped the ground game get more established some, however he isn't the back that will be the long term solution nor has he seen consistency at his position in his tenure in Detroit but at same time hasn't become a liability so to speak.

I do believe there will be a revamped running game in Detroit next season and Smith and Brown wont be a part of it you could easily carry Morris as a 3rd but Detroit needs a solid between the tackles, smash mouth runner at 1 or 2 w/ Best being able to be the other 1-2 spot as RB. Then that leaves one open if you carry 4 backs. This is where Logan comes into play. Not to mention if this team stays a pass focused team, a good hybrid could go a long way.

Logan is obviously to short to be a true wide receiver he has good hands and can catch, dangerous in the return game and has speed where him and Jahvid are very similar. In his career so far he's only been considered at the WR spot because no one gave him a chance to do what he actually could be. I believe during the last game the commentator said something along the lines that he played RB originally before pro's either in HS or College. Dont quoute me but I believe he said RB ..  either way this is where Detroit could capitalize on Logan by switching him to RB, giving him some conditioning and strength training and have like 2 flashy speedy runners who can get lost behind a big ol' line. I only say the training because due to his size and weight he can easily get bullied but if he could go up another 10 -15 lbs (Best is listed I believe currently 199 and he need to add some muscle himself I think personally and Logan is 5-6 185 but a solid one as he likes flashing his mini guns) he could be a bit more heavier if he made the switch, and he's not afraid of contact giving or receiving it.

There is a lot of upside to actually switching him to RB/SP/WR as option,  as well as freeing up a roster spot on the WR corps which right now he's only serving as depth anyways and for his ST spot. He has been mainly utilized as a Special teams player until the Lions recently been finding other uses for him, but trick plays like that will only work or last so long once teams catch on, so adaption to this would be in their benefit.  However w/ his catching ability and hands he also makes a great 3rd down passing option back when they want to spread 4-5 wide. Now I know we are seeing this already but I'm speaking of an actual switch of position period from WR to RB on Roster.

Between the Draft or FA if a good solid runner to compliment Best and Best that RB can be added, then I could see no harm in switching Logan to the RB as a 3rd or 4th back on roster as he mainly is special teams, but at same time he has that Speed factor that could allow him to make highlights like Jimmy loves to watch when he was scouting Best.  Making this a trial run even, I see nothing but potential in its approach as he has proven he can be a RB in certain situations. Plus if Best gets hurt then the Lions have a similar type runner that the offense doesn't have to adjust as much to adapt to the play style when they are in, it can keep the flow when needed.

So what do you guys think?

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