If I'm the lions GM I would....

Lets Trade Calvin and fix the the Oline and the Defense

      Fist off just to be clear , My favorite Lion ever since he was drafted has been Calvin. He is probably the most talented WR the league has ever seen. Unfortunately, The Lions don't know how to use him, which is sad.However, Plenty teams in the league would probably give up their whole WR corp for his services, which is great. To top it all off, i don't think he wants to be here and i really don't blame him. He is beginning to realize his talents would get squandered here like so many before him. He said if we don't start winning here (and i assume start winning here means nest season) he is going to leave;and i believe him. So Lions fan's would it be wise to keep him and hope we start winning? What if we don't start winning and he chooses not to resign? Surly his trade value would go down then since most teams would rather just wait for him to become a FA. The Lions organization should not take this risk and if i was GM i wouldn't either.


            Here's the Calvin trade that i would try to pull-off : Megatron to the Pats for their 1st round pick acquired from the Raiders(most likely pick # 11-15),Their 2nd round pick acquired from Carolina(most likely pick #33) and the Pats original 2nd round pick(most likely pick #63).That would give the lions 3 additional pick in the first 2 rounds and 5 total in the first 2 rounds.That Pats would also benefit too. You see, Calvin would fit perfectly with the Pats under Belichik. He's the typical Belichik player; hard worker, smart player, not a showboat,soft-spoken. He's better than all the diva widereceivers and  with out all the luggage they carry. Plus,Brady window is closing soon so why not give him that threat at WR  to milk the most out of Brady in the short term.


        Now with those picks the Lions have lets look at the draft:

  RD1 Pick 5? WR A.J. Green-- All the experts say he is the next Calvin so why not get him.Also with the new rookie cap going into effect this off-season(hopefully) he would be cheaper then Calvin too.


RD 1 Pick 11-15?OLB Akeem Ayers--- man i seen this dude's highlights and he's a freak. 6'4, 250 Ibs with a long wingspan. From what read he's excellent in coverage and great at rushing the QB. Perfect Player to take Peterson's spot.


RD 2 Pick 33(most likely) either CB Arron Williams or CB Devin Harris--- not Patrick Peterson but both projected 1st rounders. If one of them can fall to us right here, it would be a steal. I would prefer Harris because of his blazing speed and terrific ball skills.


RD 2 Pick 38?G Mike Pouncy---I'm sick of Peterman's behavior and disciplinary issues. Pouncy can turn out to be a solid piece on the O-line just like his brother in Pittsburgh.


RD 2 Pick 63(most likely)---C Christopher O dowd---We'll finely have and adequate replacement for Riolla.


Rest of the draft BPA.


Then in FA i would target:

CB Jonathon Joseph from Cincy.Hes a quality vet and would be the leader of our young secondary.

MLB David Harris from NYJ. He's a Michigan native and would be the leader of our young Linebacker corp.Also his acquisition would allow us to move Levy back to weak side LB were clearly he was much better their.


Also i would try and acquiring a big Physical #2 WR. Burleson would be a stud at the #3 spot like he was in Minn.


Please leave some feed back and let me Know what you think.


  P.S I really don't like the fact of trading Calvin but it probably is best move for the Lions.

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