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I know alot of people do not like talking about draft and FA this early. But a few things got me thinking more so on how we could end the season with a few more wins then some thought. With all the talk of trade CJ and so on, I got to thinking about some things that I have not heard anyone talk about that might or could actually happen. I will list below some FA pick ups and a short mock and let me know what you think.


FA pick ups.

Champ, CB This would give us a sold CB who could teach our younger guys and be a bridge to our future picks at CB untill they draft the CBs they need.

Mangold, C. As most know, we can not run up the middle or RG. This would change all of that at C at least.

Hawthorne LB This to me fills a obvious need.




Round 1 A.J Green -

 People keep talking about trading CJ but what about pairing him with Green ? The truth is with us winning that last game and possibly being able to win 2 more with Farve out for the season we might not be able to draft Prince or Peterson. If Green is their we team him with CJ and move Nate to the slot. This would keep Defenses honest and not bring a safety up in the box. Also keeping Stafford more up right while helping the run. If CJ leaves then we have his replacement.

Round 2  Either Burton CB or Carter/ Jones LB.

By going LB we would have our front 7 in place, Champ and Delmas in place as well. I would hope Berry, Palmer, Spivey or Phonze would step up to REALLY fill in another spot back their. This is of course if Houston does not stay with the team. Either way we don't look horrible in the back 4 and with the front 7 much improved, it will benefit our back 4. If LB is not available the I like Burton from Utah to bolster the back 4 if Houston leaves.

Round 3 Moffit for RG

Again this helps protect Stafford as well as improve our run Offense as well as limit the Penalties ....I hope.


Everything else could be BPA


Do this and one could argue in the future their would be very little needed to add to our team, some additions to the back 4, LT and maybe a change of pace RB in the future  and we would have a VERY solid team. We would be able to score at a high rate with a D that I would guess, be at least 10th in the league. That being said we should limit the other teams scoring below their season average while ours fires off points and at the end, we just need to score more then the other guys.

Tell me what you all think, thanks !

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