Outside the W ( Mayhews early christmas present)


Not quite that though


   Remember MONTHS ago when Martin Mayhew promised us an early Christmas present. Of course you do and we never got it..I think a win could be that present but it has to happen this week or it dosen't count. Right now the Detroit Lions sit 4th in the NFL draft. I am taking a stand SCREW PETERSON! Yea I said it but here me out, I would rather win games and pick 5th or lower than lock down chances to get Peterson. I am positive Schwartz feels the same way. This time of year there are always fans that say we should play for Draft picks and thats a crap attitude. You play to win the game!.Obviously Stanton did not play up to his potential sunday vs the Pack but to beat TB he has to. Freeman hasn't been a pro bowl QB he has had a hard time throwing past 200 yards as of late but he is good enough to beat us. This should be a good game I think though while its possible Hill could start Sunday I am writing this week with the idea Stanton will play. Either way it shouldn't make a diffrence if either plays to their full potential. It's time to get an attitude and play for something though but what does a 3-10 team have to play for other than themselves well that leads me to number 1.

1.Play the spoiler- This is a great way to make a point going into next season. No we will not make the playoffs but we can certainly make other teams miss the playoffs. Rodgers may be out sunday there for it may be safe to say we ended the packs post season run. The Bucs are in the hunt for the playoffs we could put an end to that as well. We do what ever we can to keep other teams out of the post season and make the NFL take notice that were comming for you next year too. Why? You start taking teams out of the playoffs your not only winning you must be beating good teams.

2. SUH- Ndamukong is gonna be a big key to this game helping free up Avril to get to the QB and he needs to help stop the run as well. Suh should be able to get a few sacks as well. His counterpart Gerald McCoy is out for the year so that should help are offense out a ton.

3. Corners- We are playing a very young and talented offense Vasher and Houston have to do a very good job of keeping Benn and Williams in check. If we can't keep these recivers out of the endzone we don't have much of a chance at all.

4. K2- Possibly my biggest concern is the son of Hall of Fame TE Kellen Winslow or K2 as they call him. He seems to be waking up in this offense and we don't have much to cover him with. I think Delmas is are best oppertunity to cover Winslow. Spivey is getting better but I am not ready to trust him there. Also as we all know its quite obvious JP has no cover skills at all. Put are best saftey on Winslow and we might be ok.

5. Blount- Punch him in the mouth yea I said it..This guy has become the Bucs primairy back we need to beat him hard and allow him very little room. Not only will this make the offense one dimensional it will allow are D line to do what they do best..Pin there ears back and go after Freeman.

6. Last weeks tape- WOW was that a run game I saw? Sure it wasn't by the book but we effectivley ran the ball against the packers who are not slouches. We need to reuse some of those plays against Tampa and build off them as well. Logan did what I had suggested before he became that X-factor we have needed so bad. End arounds and other creative plays that get this guy in open space need to be used. Atleast it will force the Defense to think when he is on the field. Just never forget he is the primary return man so don't go crazy.

7. Ball Control- The Bucs are +8 in turnovers we cannot afford to let them get more shots at the endzone than they will already get. Tampas offense can score quickly if given the right chances. Lets limit those chances with good QB play and a running game.

8. Calvin- Megatron should be covered by Ronde Barber so he may not be the easiest reciver to throw to all day but he needs to get his shots and catches as well. Calvin makes plays it's in his blood we need to get him the ball early even if it's on a fade or a cut back.

9. Stay Healthy- Obvious no? Fact is we are still losing players and we don't have any to spare. I realise there isn't much you can do about it right now. Somehow wether it be luck or resting players once in awhile we can't afford any more big injurys. I would like to say we are getting healthier but when I say that another top player will be on IR.

10. Schwartz- Uncle Jimbo needs to call a good game but more importantly than that. I love how the last few games he has tried to keep his players motivated even Stanton. That's what he needs to do while it probably won't always work there is nothing wrong with telling your defense" Hey, way to hold them to a FG guys nice job". Sure i would have rather not given them the 3 but hey it's not 7. Let your guys know you belive in them and they will CONTINUE to play hard for you.

 I will say this about last weeks game. While it was hard to watch it was awful. The Lions never quit I got the feeling that no matter how long the game went even if Rodgers played the entire game. The Defense especially played there hearts out for that win and for Gun and Schwartz. While Flynn made them look embarassing a few times Levy made a huge play. Suh and company would be damned if they were gonna let that kid beat them. Also Props to Heller on the big play we really need to use that guy more often.


“The beast in me Is caged by frail and fragile bars”
Johnny Cash

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