Things NOT to do as a head coach ( Mcnabb venting beware)

 Mike Shanahan has finally lost ALL respect in the NFL. This week Mcnabb is the 3rd string QB I have way to much respect for Mcnabb to not say anything. It started when we beat the redskins and they benched Mcnabb for Grossman and he let Suh score the final dagger in that game. So Jim Schwartz please watch Shanahan at work and take notes on what exactly not to do.

1. Don't run your best defensive players name through the mud in the media. Always deal with these situations in private.

2 Do not aleinate your fans they honestly belived you would add something to that team but you only destroyed every aquisiton they gave you.

3. Don't hire family as coaches we have been through this already in detroit. For every move Mike Shanahan makes there is always going to be the whispers of did his son ask him to do that.

4. When you have a franchise QB it is important to have a good O line as we have learned quickly. Not even super 5 can play behind what is essentially no blocking at all.

5. Just because you like to run the ball dosen't mean you should continue if it is failing be creative about it like we have been the last 2 weeks.

6. Be sure not to infuriate your players. Stupid moves like benching a playoff winning QB whom you went out of your way to get. The leader of you team should never be the 3rd string QB when he is healthy.

7. Tell the turth or just stay quite. Jim has never lied to us he is just very quite about what goes on. Shanahan says I will be as honest as I can but continually lies every week about Mcnabb and many other situations involving the team.

8. Don't be overrated. It is obvious Shanahan was made by Elway and TD not the other way around. Damned if he ever acts like it Shanahan is a great coach just ask him. He not only belives the hyp he continues to add to is.

9. Your not a football god. No one is if you were you would never lose a game. Shanahans The Buck stops here attitude is garbage and has gotten the Skins and Broncoes in the same mess. Bad drafting and a hard headed coach who refuse to take others advice.

10. Shut the hell up and win. Sure we have only won 3 games Jim never makes an excuse for losing its a loss and he knows its a loss, Not Shanahan he lives and dies by the excuse.

If I am Mcnabb TODAY I tell Dan Snyder it's been great, Thanks for the oppertunity but I can no longer play for this team. Do what you have to do I will not be at the game sunday. Mcnabb is knowin as one of the classiest players in the NFL. He should handle it as so but he cannot continue to put up with this dissrespect. First it was the fans now it's his head coach. He needs to find a team and coach that really does belive in him. He is still a great QB he needs a team where he can lead and be given the respect and oppertunity he has deserved. I respect the hell out of Donovan and this really makes me SICK to see this Joke of a supposed hall of fame coach make a decision thats this stupid. Everyone knows what Rex Grossman is I dunno what he expects to find out. Time for Super 5 to get the shot he has always deserved. I dunno where that is but I do hope he finds it soon.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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