Outside The W ( Hail To The Victors)

 Yes Hail To The Victors Jake Long and Chad Henne true Blue. We all remember these guys even Spartan fans know Chad Henne very well. I really expect him at somepoint to be a solid NFL QB. Jake has already made his case for the best LT in the NFL today. So on from the good old days when U of M football actually had something to do with winning BCS bowl games and fast foreward to 2010. The Detroit Lions VS the Miami Dolphins. So after this I have one last Outside the W to pull from my ass. I give credit to guys who have weekly blogs and put much more into it than I do. Sometimes it gets very hard not to repeat yourself which I am sure I do on a regular basis. Few NFL notes I want to throw out there this week. Congrats to Bears WR/KR Devin Hester on his new record unreal. Say what you will about the Bears Devin Hester is a a phenom and I can't help but like the guy. David Rayner got some love on NFL net this week from Sterling Sharp as his top play of the week. Not because he won the game as much as he changed a attitude and broke the streaks. Brett Favre suffred a concussion at the Hockey game Monday night sadly this ends my hope. I had hoped that Favre could come to Ford Field at %100 bringing his A game and we could win the game because we were the better team. Not because we took him out or he couldn't play. Lions now have a chance to finish the season with 5 or 6 wins a range I think the majority of us did say we would be happy with in the pre-season.

 So onto Miami 10 things to look for outside of the win. Honestly at this point in the season the wins are the most important thing to us but we still have somethings to work on. If we can hit most of these I belive a win is assured. The Phins are 1-6 at home. Sounds like a Lions record but rest assure it is not.

1. Power- Run the ball hard with Maurice he showed alot of heart against TB we need to pound the rock against the Dolphins and use the....wait for it.........Play Action Pass!

2. Don't underestimate- The Phins Defense is pretty good. Dansby and company are not slouches. I think if we can run the ball effectivley and open up the pass Calvin can beat Vontae.

3. Get to the QB- As always we live and dies by that motto in the D. Jake Long and company don't make it easy though are Defensive line has to bring there A game.

4. Chad Henne- I like the kid but he hasn't played well as of late. Lets give him some creative looks and take away his favorite targets.

5. The Marshall Plan- Like you need one, Brandon Marshall is still rumored to be in Miami lets just make sure he dosen't show up against Eric King at some point.

6. Special Teams- We have been doing very good and Logan has alot to do with that. Rayner has been a solid kicker the last few weeks though. Its now officially ok I think to go for the 3. I wouldn't have said that 2 weeks ago at times.

7. Learn to win- Schwartz said it himself. " A win shouldn't mean we need a ticker tape parade" He is right too. 3 Wins in a row proves to the players and fans that this team is improving. I think for the most part some of ( Not you Joshun) the Fire Schwratz talk will quite down some.

8.Stop the run- Ronnie Brown is comming just like Blount was last week. We need to continue to improve are run D but Carpenter did a solid job last week in helping that. Lets do better though and not let him have runs that make him look like Walter Payton.

9. Wildcat- The don't use it much anymore but we do need to be prepared for it. Especially if there game goes south I can see them using it to try and create something.

10. Go home- We have the rest of the season to celebrate or cry next we have the Vikings. Win lose or Draw this game means alot to next season. Did we lose the division? Where do we draft? Did we end the season on a high note? Don't let any aspect of this game hangover to next week. See the family and get to work lets finish strong.

“Success is not forever and failure isn't fatal.”
Don Shula

Happy Holidays P.O.D ( That includes Festivus)

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