Hill vs. Stanton....

Unfortunately this is not a Hill vs. Stanton post. But the title is fitting for what I wish to discuss. Who deserves credit for these few wins we have had these last few games?

I find it slightly sad, that even right after a Lions INT for a TD that gives us the lead in a tight game we already start discussing who deserves credit for this win. It was Hill!! He had a great game and led us to victory. No! It was the defense that showed up and got us this victory! Or. If Stanton had been in, we would not have needed that last defensive score. No! Hill will always be better than Stanton, Stanton is in, we lose easily.

All these types of comments, throwing around debates who deserves credit for this win or the last. Can we not bask in the glory of a win for three seconds. I know this is a sports blog, and the purpose is to bring up these topics, but come on.

Before I get to the my main point, I would like to make a note of my own credit that seems to have not been given much. The Coaches and GM. These last 3 games we have won, we have had make-shift defenses put together in a week, sometimes bringing in starters 3 days before a game. Did we even have a starter in the secondary for most of today's game? This is not just a bunch of luck that helps keep us in these games. This is good coaching. Yes, its the players who make the plays. But who makes a lot of the calls? Who brought these players in, in the first place? Who coached them and prepared them to lead us victory? We have played against three teams, fighting for a spot in playoffs, while we fight for nothing but respect. We have fought against teams who have been twice as healthy as us, teams with a starting QB, teams with elite defensive players. And we have won. That's not just the players showing up, that is the coaching showing up.

Now my main point. While some players show up more than others in a game, while some coaches call the right plays at the right time, it is not these one players who lead us to victory. Then who? Who deserves the credit. No ONE. Because this is the Detroit LionS. Not the Detroit Suh's, not the Detroit Hill's, not the Detroit Levy's, not the Detroit Stanton's, not the Detroit Johnson's, or the Delmas's, or Best's. This is the DETROIT LIONS. A team. And that who deserves credit. The team.

Am I making too much out of three wins? Perhaps. But then again a lot of us here were wanting to get to the off-season already, just end the injuries and bad calls and bad luck.  So I say No. These three wins, in a row, two on the road, are a huge boost to our hope and the future.

Together WE made it
WE made it even though WE had our backs up against the wall
Forever WE waited
And they told us WE were never going to get it
But WE took it on the road (to the riches)
On the road (to the ghetto)
On the roooooad.

(We Made It. by Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park)

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