A Question to PODers

I have (like most of you) been very happy with the wins that our team is now collecting and the adversities that they are overcoming such as the injuries.  I am also a little saddened by the fact that we may now miss out on Patrick Peterson.  Although CIN, BUF, CAR, DEN, ARZ, and some other bad teams have been winning in recent weeks as well so we are not losing as much stock as some would have us believe. 

The question I would like to know though is this why do you all believe that the Lions have been able to pull off these close victories that earlier in the years and this season they would be so inclined to lose.  To me there seems to be a few reasons that come to mind that I will list and I would love to hear your feed back.

1. Early on in the year when we were losing these types of games there were calls for Schwartz's job because he was not a good coach.  I tried to be the voice of reason to many that I met to try to explain why that would be foolish.  He is a new coach and he is learning on the job just as all new coaches do.  Bill up in New England had to experience growing pains as well whether they be learning what to challenge or when to go for it or even what plays to call at the end of games (see the Jets game).  I'm inclined to believe that he its the coaching that is taking this team over the hump.  The team as well as the coaches are learning from the mistakes that were made early on.  The coaches seem to have done a much better job of getting the players to stop killing themselves with stupid mistakes.  Such as bone headed penalties (other than Cory Williams although I give him a slight pass because he is being so disruptive and trying to make plays).  Someone tell me when is the last time that you saw them beat themselves with stupid penalties.

2.  The players may have just stepped up their game while also settling into this system.  I think that a lot of people forget that this is a very young team and they are still learning to grow together.  Some of our best players are still very young and learning how to play in the NFL.  Suh a rookie, Levy a second year player playing a new position, Delmas a second year player even Grew a second year Tight End.  We have many play makers on this team (which is a far cry from where we were) but they are still very young and had to go through some growing pains in order to learn how to win.

3. I also heard a very interesting opinion on why the Lions are on this mini tear.  Someone said that they started winning as soon as they were eliminated from the playoffs.  He said that he has been a Lions fan for years and has seen it all before and is not fooled by these victories.  He explained that once they were eliminated they were able to play looser and the pressure was no longer on them like it was on the other teams that they played.  He compared the winning streak to the one that Cleveland went on last year when they won their last four games.

On a side note here would be my refutation to his arguments. 

A. They weren't eliminated from the playoffs recently sure they were just mathematically eliminated but we all knew for a long time that they were not playoff bound this year when Staff got hurt the second time we already knew especially with CHI and GB both winning this year.  So to say that they started playing loose now is crazy because both the players and the coaches had known for a long time that they were not going to the playoffs this year.

B. Saying this also discredits the caliber of teams that they have beat.  GB is no slouch they play everyone touch and dominate others (did anyone see that GB NYG game) starting QB or not they are a very good team.  Tampa is also no slouch anymore they just blew out Seattle and have a shot at the playoffs.  Third MIA has a very good def led by the sack leader Wake they are ranked in the in the top 5 in almost ever def stat and only give up 17 points a game.

C. Cleveland played bad or imploding teams at the end of last year.  Ex. PIT when they couldn't close out games and JAX when they lost their last 5 games.  They also changed QB's in the off season to a rookie QB.  This has a huge impact on a team.  They also changed front offices and brought in the big show and over hauled the offense to west coast style.  So to compare the two is crazy.

Ok i'm done thanks

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