Outside the W ( Year Review edition)


   So I decided to do my last post as something diffrent than I have been. The first week was to look at what this team had to accomplish outside of winning a game. This week I thought I would go through and talk about where we have improved most sense week 1. We have become a much diffrent team sense this time last year. While there are still questions to be answered many have been answered this year. While Schwartz still has room to improve there is no question he will be are coach in 2011 and expectations will be high. Suh was certainly the best pick fo us possibly the best pick in the draft. We are watching something special come into itself everytime #90 steps on the field. Trading Roy Williams was a great move and has helped this team in MANY ways Mayhew is no Millen and while the pick scared many he is the right man for the job to help rebuild this team. I hope he can keep it up. " You have to be able to win in december" In years past the Lions had already given up come november . We are now playing are best ball and it is exciting even though playoffs are not in are imediate future. 2011 will bring highs and lows no doubt. I think the Detroit Lions can be a threat to win the division but unlike previous year I will not say playoff bound before week one. I do think most of us will be pleased with next years team. On to are top 10 areas we have improved in the 2010 season.

1. Defensive Line- The days were the Lions couldn't get to the QB are DEAD! Not only can we get to the QB early and often we can make plays while we are back there. This is without a doubt are strong point and the cornerstone of were this team is headed.

2. Short Passing game- Pettigrew, Scheffler and Best have given us a great asset in playing the short passing game. While we need to improve are abillitys to go deep there is no question that we can do damage with short throws.

3. Right Tackle- I can't say the entire O line cause that would be a lie. Gosder has proved that he can start in the NFL at right tackle. He has room to grow and will but I now feel he can be a part of this offensive line long-term.

4. Left Gaurd- The revolving door is out of service! Rob Sims may very well be the best pick up of the season. While KVB and Nate make there arguments Sims has fixed what was the weakest spot on this team for many years.

5.  Kick return- Logan who? I remember asking that question early this season. Seemed like a practice squad guy to me. Logan where? thats the question now this guys quick and slick. We need to keep Logan he is a huge asset to this team. NFL Logans Shake house is open for buisness!

6. Pass Coverage- Sure we are not the Jets secondary but when we were good we were DAMN good. Houston and my boy the Phonz made a good duo. Phonzies game got ugly for a couple of games and he got hurt. Houston has still played very solid this season are seconday was much better than last years thanks to these guys...and Louis of course.

7. MLB- Say what you want about Levy like how he is an outside linebacker or he's not " Lights out" what ever the hell that means. When a play is needed to be had...Deandre can make that play. I for one think Levy should stay in the middle and continue to grow in that spot. His speed and vision has been awesome the last couple of weeks but he has played well all season when he has been healthy. A %100 Levy could be " Lights out".

8. Depth- We obviously need to add much more depth to the roster in the offseason but this years depth has been better than years previous for sure. Landon Johnson, Turk Mcbride, Sammie Lee Hill, Bobby carpenter have all stepped in when called upon. The QB depth has saved are ass needless to say.

9. Pain Train- Follett improved every week he played. Next season he deserves a shot to compete and get reps as a starting Line backer in 2011. Get Well 49!

10. TEAM- Says it all. The trials this young roster has been through has made them into a team. They play hard for there coaches and the troubles and hardwork they have absorbed will be great for them LONGTERM.

Root hard for the Lions this week. It will be many a day before they touch the field again we will bicker over the draft until we want to kill one another. Pull it together one more time GO LIONS!!!

“What I've done in the past doesn't mean anything. I still have something to prove. I want to be here. I want to stay here, and to do that I have to play well.” Chris Osgood ( Congrats on 400 wins!!!)

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