Looking Forward ..

Well another tough loss leaves most of us speechless, frustrated, angry and asking ourselfs what might have been.

I still have high hopes for this team, people have blasted the team, players and the coaching staff this season. I will tell you I really think we just need one more year although most expected, and rightfully so, more wins this season. At this point, the season has left me with these thoughts. When we have our D-Line, the most complete group on our team missing our starting DE at least 3 games this season it hurts. We have lost our starting QB for most the season as well as our 2nd string QB for a bit and not playing in many games at 100% with a broken arm. Starting OLB and speacial teams ace out for the season. Starting MLB out for half the season. Starting Safety hurt early in the season and slightly hampered by a groin injury. Berry really seemed like something special, half a game and he had a pick, 2 PD and 2 tackles and he was lost for the season. Our O-Line has not missed many games but has been beat up a bit and missed many practices with injuries as well.


At the start of the season, many expected at least 6 wins from our team. We said, if they could stay healthy. With the amount of injuries to this team, even tho we have high expectations it is easy to see why we have came to where we are. Schwartz saying one more play on Offense and Special teams and one more stop on Defense really = 1 more player on those squads. Drafting Peterson will shore up our secondary and make that extra play we need. It might not be in the end of the game, maybe in the 2nd or 3rd quarter. That will be the diffrence. Many do not talk about his return abilities, that will convert some punts into field goals and field goals into TDs. Look at how much we are losing by on average and with those players healthy and add in Peterson...that in itself may very well change.


I would love to see a RG and OLB added in FA.....if we fix that we could take another OLB in the 2nd round and a C in the 3rd round or even move our 3rd rounder up to get one in the 2nd round. Replacing our OLBs, RG, C and a CB who is also an amazing return man....Watch out for this team. We have to remember that the man whos name I will not mention, as horrible as he was. It took him 8 years to leave our team virtually empty of talent. Do we really believe that in simply 2 years of drafting and FA that this team will be fixed.


People sometimes forget how many holes this team still has and knock the coaching staff. Yes we do great in the 1st half and crumple in the 2nd. Could it be that they other team sees those holes and make adjustments ? Yes I know, we need to make them too. The problem is we still do not have enough talent to do that, cover our weak spots or the depth to play through injuries. People talk about how many mistakes our players make and it reflects on our coaches. I would say normally yes. But it is not like Schwartzs has an option to bench Peterman and let some great young draft pick to replace him. The old saying that you cant fix stupid kind of applys to this. You can only coach so much, the player has to have the talent and take that coaching as well and turn it into production at some point and time.


I remember the Patriots making a call that last season that some people were like what are you doing ??? Hine sight is 20/20. Schwartz is a young coach, I think sometimes he trys to instill confidence in his team. When he says things like, our D has been playing well so I gave them a chance and so on. At some point you have to start believing in your team. I think he has given them chances to prove themselfs. Remember when Eli Manning started and looked horrible after being drafted. He lost his first 7 games. Sometimes with a young/ bad not fully replaced team you have to start believing in your young players and give them a chance. Once you do that, you can't really turn back because it shows lack of trust. We have a young team and I think they have made the decision to say look, you can loose all you want but you will play and it is up to you. You can make mistakes and suck all you want but your staying in. That would point to why the Phonze stayed in the game so long.


Just some other thoughts on where our team is at and MAYBE why things are happening. I believe if we add those type of picks and 2 FA, and we have no serious injuries carry over from last year to this year. Knock on wood...Stafford and all major players are healthy for next year then we will sky rocket next season and win 8 games at the least. I live in Texas and remember a few years back when Romo first started being the starting QB of their team. They lost about 4 games on field goals because they had virtually no kicker. It just goes to show how a complete team is needed with at least average talent on all positions. We still have people on this team starting that would not be on anybody elses team in the NFL. Once that is fixed, we will see a huge chance. Another thought...yes this is only the 1st time we have had the same head coach, O and D coach stay for 2 seasons in a row. Remember tho, both last year and this years team have had the roster up ended and for many this is their 1st year in our system. When we finally get enough talent and stop up ending the roster. We will again be a winner.



Sorry for it being so long, GO LIONS !!

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