Three Observations from Senior Bowl Week

The week in Mobile for the Senior Bowl taught us quite a bit about many potential draft picks, including both positive and negative things.  Obviously we are still a long way away from the draft, especially considering the combine still has to happen later this month, but here are the three main things I took away from Senior Bowl week:

1. The Lions will be lucky to have a shot at drafting Brandon Graham in the second round. 

Graham's stock was soaring all week just during practice, and once he took the field on Saturday for the game he showed everybody why, wreaking havoc with the South's offensive line and taking home MVP honors.  Sure, people aren't necessarily thrilled with some of his measurables, but Graham is a football player.  When he's on the field, his play speaks for itself, and I think that, combined with his amazing week in Mobile, will make him a first-round pick for sure.  I suppose anything could happen come draft time, but Graham just seems like he is too talented for there not to be a team, say in the last 12 or so picks, that decides to draft him.  He can obviously play as a defensive end in a 4-3 defense, and many people believe he can be a linebacker in a 3-4 (much like LaMarr Woodley).  Quite frankly, I just don't think he will be around when the Lions go on the clock in the second round, although I'd love to be wrong.

2. The jury is out on when exactly Mike Iupati will be drafted. 

Although I hyped up Iupati all week, he didn't have a very good game on Saturday, mainly in the pass protection department.  That's not to say he didn't improve his stock as a whole with his body of work, especially considering the coaches played him at more than just left guard, but after his performance in the game I'd say his stock only went up a bit rather than significantly like Graham. 

Coming into this week the general consensus was that Iupati would be a second-round pick in April with an outside shot at being taken in the first round.  After his week in Mobile, I would personally say he is a low-first, early-second round pick.  To me it will come down to if there is a team out there that wants to address its need for a guard in the first round and likes the potential they see in Iupati.  Based on the research ChicoWong did for a FanPost, the first guard is typically drafted right around the end of the first round or the start of the second.  That's about where I'd put Iupati right now, and I think there is a decent chance he will be on the board when the Lions' second-round pick comes around.

3. It's unlikely Kyle Wilson will be available in the third round. 

Wilson's week in Mobile gave his stock a healthy bump to the point where he now can be considered a solid second-round pick.  Jim Schwartz seemed to like what he saw out of Wilson quite a bit, and as nice as it would be for the Lions to have a shot at him in the third round, I don't think they will be able to wait that long.  I would imagine his stock will fluctuate a bit after the combine later this month, but right now I see him as a mid-second-round pick.  Like Graham and Iupati for the second round, I'd be thrilled if Wilson were still there for the Lions to draft in the third round, but I think it's the second round or forget about it when it comes to him.

What are your main observations from the Senior Bowl?

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