Keith Bulluck

I've been reading recently that Bulluck and the Titans have had next to no talks regarding his contract, but until now I was unaware things were as bad as they appear to be. Bulluck is a 10 year veteran and a solid contributor. He has posted consistent stats over his time with Tennessee, though other than a Pro Bowl year in 2003, nothing incredible. So with things at a standstill as far as contract talks go, the Lions have become a natural assumption as a possible landing spot for him.

At a glance, I'd be all for it. Having Bulluck, Sims, and Foote as LB's in our system would be solid (if indeed we retain Foote) and it would allow us to get something for Julian Peterson this offseason. Bulluck's familiarity with Jim Schwartz would be a boon as well.

Upon further investigation into an interview with Bulluck on Tennessee's SB Nation site, however, it raised a couple red flags for me. Bulluck does not seem like the type of player I would want on our team. 

As I said, this is a guy who's played all 10 years of his career with one team, 8 of which he's been solidified as 'the man' at his position. Yet he has things like this to say about his situation:


SBN: What do you think of next year's Titans defense?

KB: I honestly don't think anything of next year's Titans defense. I'm not on their roster right now so it doesn't concern me.


SBN: What inspired you to play linebacker?

KB: There was absolutely no inspiration whatsoever for me to play linebacker. I went to Syracuse as a strong safety wanting to become the next Ronnie Lott, and left as the 30th pick overall at outside linebacker for the Titans. Still mad about position switch, but I'd say it worked out.


SBN: How much time have you spent mentoring the young Titans linebackers? 

KB: I don't know how much time I spend mentoring the young linebackers. I mean, I definitely give assistance when needed in the classroom or on the field. We've always had a smart group of linebackers since I've been here. I'm a vocal person and will ask questions even if I know the answer so maybe a younger guy can pick up on it. In our linebacker room we don't hold anyone's hand, you've gotta be a professional about your work. We kinda always taught by committee anyway, and of course Dave McGinnis (Titans linebacker coach) got us prepared for anything every week.

So basically, Bulluck intimated in his interview with his home teams' website that due to the fact that the Titans are not (at this point) looking to resign him, he doesn't care about next year's team, he's still upset 10 years later about getting switched positions, and has never really bothered to take a role in assisting his teammates that play the same position as him.

Obviously I've gleaned from the interview, and there are a few nicer things he's said about the team, but my point is, do we want an apparently selfish, petty player like that on our team? Larry Foote had just about the same exact situation occur with him, and you never heard anything like that from him about the Steelers. I really am not the type of person that gets a hard on over character or anything, but I am big about team chemistry and players playing like a family. Bulluck just doesn't give me the feeling he would be playing for anything more than a paycheck. I wouldn't be opposed to him coming here, but I certainly hope we wouldn't reach for a player like that.

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