There may not be hope for Ford’s Detroit Lions as the writers and the world believe and stated, but there is excellent hope for The Detroit Lions that rightfully belong to DL Fans. After reading the article, “Saints, Cards offer hope to forlorn franchises” by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports, first posted on February 3, 2010, I really felt very sad for the Detroit Lions fans and almost angry toward Mr. Ford, his son and everyone else who is involved in managing Detroit Lions. Shame to you, Mr. Ford and the front office management of Detroit Lions.  Shame to you the second time! I really hope that Mr. Sean Yuille of PrideOfDetroit would take this letter to Mr. Ford and His son (William Clay Ford Jr) at Detroit Lions, Inc., 222 Republic Drive, Allen Park, MI 48101 (Phone: 313.262.2002 fax: 313.262.2808).  Let them know that if I had the power to spank them, then I may have. They simply need to know that although they own the team, the hearts and souls of millions of fans are tied up to the team; not doing much to help the team win is as good as torturing (murdering) the hearts and souls of the good people who stuck behind the team all these years.


Mr. Ford and company: stop being nonchalant and understand the meaning and representation of a sports team like the Lions. It is more than just a sports’ team. It’s life! It’s society’s life.  SHAME! SHAME! and SHAME! a million times. I am highly appalled and quite sad! In fact, when the LIONS wins it all this season, DO NOT EVEN CLAIM ANY KIND OF VICTORY! Call one of your fans and hand him/her the trophies to hold and pose for pictures. Thank the Lord for your fans whose prayers have reached heaven.  From management and coaching standpoint (ceteris paribus), the sports writer Dan Wetzel is perfectly right. After including Detroit Lions as one of the four teams that have never made it to the super bowl, he sincerely lamented and yielded back to the natural forces of human reality when the right things are foolishly left undone. He had to discount the Detroit Lions, leaving only Cleveland Browns and two relatively new teams as ones that have better chance than DL to make it to the super bowl. Read his observation and be rightly ashamed.  (I will reveal myself to you in due time).  Read an excerpt:


[Others are doing something] -- Then there are the Lions. After the success of the Saints and Cardinals the past two seasons, the Lions are undoubtedly the worst franchise in NFL history. Forget a Super Bowl, the team has just one playoff win since 1957. The Lions were fatefully purchased by William Clay Ford (Henry’s grandson) on the day John F. Kennedy was shot in 1963. It’s been downhill ever since.  The franchise is comically bad – its best player, Barry Sanders, essentially retired before the ’99 season rather than continue playing for such a loser. The 2000s were a lost decade when Ford was duped into hiring television commentator Matt Millen to run the club (into the FieldTurf). Millen was so unenthused by the job, he never moved to Detroit from his home in Pennsylvania. And Ford allowed it.

   Two seasons ago, the Lions became the first team to go 0-16. This year the team “improved” to 2-14. Lions fans wish they could be the Browns. [Because, at least Cleveland Browns are doing something].    While their rookie head coach Jim Schwartz has shown promise, Ford has never made a declaration like Lerner, has never cleared out the front office of Millen descendants and has never even bothered contacting turnaround specialists such as Bill Parcells or Holmgren when they become available.

   The only hope Lions fans have rests in the presence of Ford’s son, William Clay “Bill” Ford, Jr., the 52-year-old vice chairman of the team. It was his public criticism of Millen that finally caused his father to pull the plug on that experiment three games into the ’08 season. Ford Sr. is 84, and like with the Cardinals and Saints, him handing over full control to his son might be the only thing that can shake the franchise. Right now, if you were betting on which will be the last franchise to reach a Super Bowl, Detroit would be the favorite. [Wetzel, Yahoo Sports, Feb. 3, 2010]


The above article ended with the words, “Maybe There’s No Hope for Ford’s Lions” embedded beneath the picture of Mr. Ford Sr. and his son (Jr.). So, Dear Mr. Ford Jr., President Tom Lewand and the coaches of Detroit Lions, you do not know me and I do not know you.  However, I will reveal myself to you and face to face under certain circumstances after 2010 season or later. I am saddened and I am only supporting your team JUST because of your humble and long-tortured fans. Do whatever you can right now (RIGHT NOW) to strengthen the Detroit Lions the VERY BEST YOU CAN. After you get all the players in place, the management and the coaches must do the following:


1] You (Mr. Jim Schwatz), the head coach---I strongly and categorically recommend that you visit and have a long chart with Sean Payton of New Orleans Saints.  Humble yourself before him and ask him to please give you pointers. I believe he will.  Then spend a lot of time to observe his NFL videos and select others. Let me tell you right now---be a man of prayer, then be tough and loving with your players.  Again, “Be tough and loving with your players.”  Weak folks are no football coaches. Your Offensive and Defensive Coordinators must completely be tough, TOUGH and smart. They need to observe top people in the field and be willing to change their demeanors. You, as the head coach, MUST be an example!!! There is nothing in any book that says a rookie coach can’t make it all the way. You can gain all the knowledge depending on how you acquire it and how hard you work. 2010 is for you! Believe it and work at it!


2] Coaches: Make sure that the first QB and the replacement QB are practicing most seriously everyday. They have to put in lots and lots of hours daily in the field with their receivers and the defensive line men. Both of these QBs must see themselves as Drew Brees and pick up the rushing talent (not too much) of Air Steve McNair—the late Titan’s QB. Critical! Critical!! Critical!!!  In fact, train up a third QB as hard as possible. Again, train up a third QB as hard as possible! You will play tough football this season. You are playing to win it all! You’re not sissies; you’re men, and God is behind you!  These QBs must train hard as running backs in strength and conditioning. They must not be lady-QBs! They must be ready to absorb hits and still standing or dodge hits.


3] Coaches: You need at least three running backs, men like New Orleans Thomas who are willing to work hard, train hard and be ready to pound on defenses. You will be surprise at what you can get from undrafted free agents or runners from small schools—just like Thomas. The key is in the sum total of humility, willingness to train and learn. Once you get people who have HIGH MOTIVATION to train, learn and play (just like Thomas), you have a winning team. Again, you need at least 3 running backs who will train and be ready to pound through defenses once the season begins. Pound, pound, pound and throw. A good practice with your offensive line and defensive linemen and strategies (based on lessons from numerous NFL tapes and the attitudes/beliefs developed in #s 4-5 below) will help a lot.


4] Every player in the starting line-ups of both offense and defense MUST MUST and MUST spend hours to observe the best in the trade/positions they play and work hard to imitate and improve on the moves they learn.  All back-ups MUST MUST and MUST do the same. You have no time AT ALL to waste. Start now! Train like a champ! You are already 2010 season champions with 2011 XLV Super Bowl Lombardi trophy! You must say this to yourselves at every one of your meetings (EVERY ONE OF YOUR MEETINGS).


5] Finally, after about four weeks of intensive individual observations of the best players at positions in the league and intensive group practices in the field, you will bring each player into your office and before all the other coaches to declare and continue to declare that “he is the best to play and to be playing the position in NFL this season.” For instance, Mr. Stafford should say and declare many times and quote, “I am the best Quarter Back in this league and no one will deny the Lions this season. I am better than Drew Brees. I am better than Peyton Manning.”  Each receiver will do the same, each offensive lineman, each defensive lineman, all of them. Of course, you (Mr. Jim Schwatz), will start it off before the player or players by letting them know you are “The Best Coach” this season. All of your coaches and Assistant Coaches MUST state the same proclamation by themselves, for themselves and before the players. Then you go and keep working harder than anyone else—individually and at practice. If not that the Lord wants me to hide my identity, I would have come to conduct a seminar for you.


6] You must maintain values, beliefs and attitudes of #1 to #5 throughout the season. Remember, you are the NFC 2010 Champs and 2011 Super Bowl XLV Champions. Let your players and everyone internalize this just because of the Lord.  I believe for them. Thousands of DL fans believe for them.  It will happen for you.  Just BE HUMBLE and DO #s 1 to 5 above.


YES, there is hope for Detroit Lions in the Lord, God. I therefore pray that God will help Detroit Lions work hard, coach well, play hard, play smart and get the breaks in playing fields all the way to NFC championship and winning super bowl XLV in February 2011.  Their fans deserve it and these wins are for their fans alone—ALONE!


Dear Sean Yuille of PrideOfDetroit: Since you represent the fans of Detroit Lions and have literally witnessed their frustrations, please take this letter to Mr. Ford and His son (William Clay Ford Jr), Tom Lewand  (President), Martin Mayhew (General Manager) and Coaches (Jim Schwatz and Gunther Cunningham)  at Detroit Lions, Inc., 222 Republic Drive, Allen Park, MI 48101 (Phone: 313.262.2002, fax: 313.262.2808).  I guarantee you that they will employ everything stated here, and victory is the only result. Please do it, for I cannot write them without revealing myself; I have another team to help in 2011 season. Talk to Ford Jr. and the Head Coach in particular. I will reveal myself to Ford Jr. alone most probably after the 2010 season.


Well YES, based on everything that bare eyes can see, I certainly must not blame the sports writer (Dan Wetzel) for literally crying for DL fans and rightly predicting as he did—“No Hope for Ford’s Lions.” Almost 100 percent of all people and sports experts in the world will agree and certainly agreed with him. However, because of the hearts and pains of the great fans of Detroit Lions, I have to believe the exact opposite and proclaim otherwise! I categorically say, “EXCELLENT HOPE for Fans’ DETROIT LIONS.” The 2010 Detroit Lions’ season belongs completely to the DL fans and none at all to the Fords and DL front office.

GOoooooo DETROIT LIONS---- NFC Champions and 2011 Super Bowl XLV champions!

Believed by the great fans of Detroit Lions and Jesus1000.



Detroit Lions fans:

Please do not get angry with me for any reason. My heart is good toward you. I do not very much care about what team wins or loses, but I care about people in general and distributing joy and happiness to people. Some fans of New Orleans Saints didn’t like me before. Now most of them love me. Since Detroit Lions have lost too much and the fans have certainly suffered dearly, that gets to me a lot. As the fans, therefore, this is our way of making our team win. The result will be great joy for millions of fans and the state of Michigan. This letter may not cause the management and the coaches to make significant changes in what they have already planned, but it will certainly help them know that the fans are watching and want something positive done. It will help them buckle up and work harder, and then leave the rest to God. In other words, they don’t have to do what I suggested, but they will surely reevaluate and confirm (or reconfirm) what they are doing. After Detroit Lions and one more team in AFC, I will just chill out.  I love all of you.  DL is my team this season.---Jesus1000.


Poeple, is this post OK?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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