Whats up Mayhews sleeve?

With all of this talk about upgrading the Oline with the #2 pick is very likely a smoke screen to get something else done. There are reports on PFT talking about how Holmgren is a big fan of Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, and seeing that the only QB left to start on their roster in Jake Delhomme?? This makes me think that the Browns are sitting and waiting for St.Louis to make their move because if they land a QB through free agency or trade (Derek Anderson, Mike Vick, Jason Campbell) then they will most likely be drafting Ndamukong Suh 1st overall. If that scenario plays out I see the Lions sitting there waiting for someone to trade up and take that pick from them. The Browns could definitely be that team. Offering up their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks, they may need to throw a player or 5th round pick into the mix because according to the draft trade value chart it wouldnt equal up. A surprise team to trade up could be Kansas City who is looking to land a top flight OT and if they think the Lions will pull the trigger on Okung, they could try to switch places with the Leos to take him, in which the Lions will take one of the fan favorites in Eric Berry . Another scenario would be the Rams take the player they should in Sam Bradford and the Lions take their top player on their board, which I honestly believe is either Ndamukong Suh or Eric Berry.


Wanted Scenario:

Sign Anthony Hargrove,DE/DT for a 3rd round pick

Sign Deon Grant,SS

Sign Justin Fargas

Sign LG (Lilja or Pitts)


1. St. Louis - Sam Bradford,QB,OKLA

2. Detroit - Ndamukong Suh,DT, NEB or Eric Berry,S,Tenn. (Whoever The Schwartz wants)

34. Detroit - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise

98. Detroit - Myron Rolle,SS, Florida St. or Vince Oghobaase,DT/DE,Duke (Matters on #2 pick)


Look at this possible line up for the Leos:

D-Line :  Hargrove - Suh (or Hill) - Williams - Vanden Bosch

Linebackers : Peterson - Levy - Sims

Defensive Backs : Houston - Delmas - Grant (or Berry) - Wilson

QB : Stafford 

RB : Fargas - Smith/Morris/Brown

FB : Felton

TE : Pettigrew

OLine: Backus - Pitts/Lilja - Raiola - Peterson - Cherlius

WR : Johnson - Burleson - Northcutt / Johnson


Its a great start to compete for the now very strong NFC North. GO LIONS!!!

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