Sign Pacman, Hargrove; Draft Okung scenario

I'd like to offer up what I would do if I were in the lions front office, and why. 

1) I would sign Pacman Jones.  Put him at corner and coach the hell out of him.  There simply is not anyone available with more potential.  If he fails, then we are really in the same position as now.  Next year looks like a strike year, draft a corner next year.  We may have two years to get him ready, and maybe two drafts to get the defensive backfield right.  Pacman is a good fix with upside at both DB and as a return man this year.

The Defensive backfield would looks somthing like this:

SS Delmus

C: Pacman, Houston

S: up for grabs, but probobly the less of the positions, and have several candidates that can revolve

Really this isn't a bad 1 year fix.  The only way out of the DB problem this year is to draft Berry in the first round, but he would be a safety, and I do not thing that's the best bang for the buck.  Or, draft a DB in the 2nd or third round, and I do think this might be as much of a gamble as signing Pacman in the first place.  Or we can sign Pacman and draft a DB in the later round to hedge the failing of Pacman scenario. .

 2) I'd sign Hargrove.  Sure we give up a third round choice.  Given.  But  it fits what Schwartz likes to do.  That is move people around given different scenarios.  When Schwartz had Carter in Tennessee, he moved him inside on pass situations, that gave him and addtional pass rusher.  Plus we would have Avril there in a pass rush as well.  Hargrove is both fast ,physical, and is NFL proven. I don't think either combination of Suh/McCoy gives us that versatility.  And, possibly the best reason to sign Hargrove is that we do not have to "spend" a first round #2 pick on a DT.  This is possibly the worst positon to Draft with the #2 pick.  Not enough bang for the buck, The real question is "are we willing to spend 50 million for a DT."

The defensive line would look like this with Hargrove:

RE: Hargrove/Avril

RT: Sammie lee  Hill (let's not forget him, even though the DL sucked last  year he played real well)

Lt : Williams/Hargrove

LE: vandenbosch

We can then add depth to this in the later rounds.  This draft is suppose to be heavy in DL this year.


3. Draft Okung.   We spend the first round money on a LT that will anchor the line for the next 10 years.  We move Bakus to gaurd, and draft OL lower in the draft.  Again,  with the strike we could have two years to get the OL right .  The line would look like this (really not a bad start)

TE: Pettigrew (young)

Lt Okung (young)

Lt Bakus (Vet)

C Riola (Vet)

RT: Loper/Rameriezor others (vet

Lt Cherlis (young)

Really on paper not bad.

4) I would then draft a Running back in round two. Probably Best out of California would be there or maybe even better.  This would give us at least 3 backs with pretty fresh legs.

5) to round things out the LB's and receivers look like this

LB's:  Peterson, Levy, Sims.  Get depth with depth in the lower round draft

Receivers: Johnson, Burelson, Johnson.  Again get depth in lower round draft

I know there has been a lot of scenarios going around, but to me this is the best short term gain, with long term benifits.

Your thoughts?????

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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