Wholly cow, did M. Mayhew ever put out a lot of smoke yesterday regarding the Lions 2010 off-season moves.  It kind of looked like devils night in Detroit 10 years ago.  I like to offer up some thoughts on Mayhew' s latest comments regarding players and positions:

1) DB's.....looks to me like they are going to bring Pacaman Jones to Allen Park, and unless something bad surfaces or Jones gets greedy on money or terms, the lions will probably sign him on that visit.  So that would mean the lions would have brought in 3 DB's  (o, Houston, Wade) through free agency or trades during the off season.  The question remains is : "are these moves looked at to gain "depth at the position", or do the lions feel that this D backfield is good enough to compete this year?"  This plays right into the Berry draft scenario. By the way Berry was the only top draft prospects not addressed by Mayhew....Smoke????   If these choices were for depth only, then based on need, how high should the lions pick a db in the draft?   I can't believe they will make this many DB moves only to chose a DB  high in the draft. So to me the Berry first choice scenario is gone. 

2) O-lineman.  Mayhew seemed to think that there was more than one "elite" OL in the draft.  Is this really true,or is Mayhew really fueling the theory that the Lions may be willing to move way down (around 10) because there is more than one linemen that they like.  Or, is this a signal that they might not be willing to spend a first round choice on a linemen.  Or does he really want Okungand is screwing with every ones mind and by indicating more than one OL choice whereby making the likes of Washington at #4 a bit jittery, and intice them to offer more in the way of a trade. I still think an OL of some sort is the frist round  pick either at #2 or further down in the draft.

3) Hargrove.  As most of you are aware, I am for this choice.  Mayhew seemed to indicate so as well.  However, this is really uncharacteristic of the Lions to say so much about an unrestricted free agent right before they sign him.  Is Mayhews comments smoke, or do they have no intentions of signing him.  If they don't sign Hargrove, than are we back to the Suh/McCory scenarios as the #2 pick, or do the lions feel that the aquisitons of  two D-linemen (Vandenbosch and Williams) give them enough to compete here, and indicate they will pick another position in the Draft.?  If they feel they still need D-lineman, then why resign Hunter.  Does the signing of Hunter really mean that the lions have lost interest in Hargrove( it gives them a lot of depth at DE with Hunter and Avril there)? One question I have had lately is:  "could someone like Hunter, or even Vandenbosh,  be moved inside at tackle in third down situation," and used somewhat like the lions have described using Hargrove?  If so, how does this play into the Suh/McCoy scenario.  Again I think sign Hargrove and give up a third round draft choice.

4) Best available.  This brings me to the statements of the lions will draft best available regardless of position.  While this has been said over and over, does anyone really believe that the lions will spend dollars at one postion, only to spend a lot of money at the same position in the draft.  As much as they repeat this statement I have a hard time believing it is really true.  Smoke or reality. 

5)  And maybe, just maybe. the  Lions really do not know which way they are going yet, and all of Mayhew's comments are not smoke, but they just don't know.  By the way this is the scenario I do believe is true, and I think we'll not see the signing of any further free agents until the 12th hour on April 15th the last fay of free agent signing.  Once this is played out I think we'll have a better understanding of how the Lions will pick in the draft.  Untill then there are just too many scenarios that could be played out.

I really don't know the answer to my own questions, but one thing for sure Mayhews smoke screens have really fueled my thoughts and help me burn up some idol time.



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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