A Discussion of the Likely Options for the 2nd Round Pick

This post is a brief discussion of some of the likely candidates that the Lions might consider taking with their Second Round Draft Pick.

Kyle Wilson (CB - Boise State) - The Deal/Upside:  Kyle Wilson is probably one of the Lions ideal candidates for use of the 2nd round pick.  The coaches liked him in the Senior Bowl and if memory serves he had a good Combine.  While he's slightly short, he apparently doesn't play short.  As an additional bonus, he's also capable of returning kicks. 

Downside:  All the positives I just listed?  Are things that other teams are realizing, and Wilson's stock is rising, he's less likely to be available in the second round than originally thought.


Devin McCourty (CB - Rutgers) - The Deal/Upside:  A starter for 3 seasons on Rutgers, McCourty is considered to have adequate speed and is considered to have very good character.   McCourty seemed to have decent instincts in college and is willing in run support.  As an additional bonus, McCouty also showed quite a bit in special teams play in college (7 blocked kicks and a kick return for a touchdown). 

Downside:  A total of four interceptions in his entire college career (never more than 2 in a season) suggest that he doesn't have great ball hawking skills, his tackling is considered only so-so. 


Patrick Robinson (CB - Florida State) The Deal/Upside:  A full time starter last season who had some starts in 2007&8, Robinson is considered to have an ideal combination of size and athleticism (he was a top performer in the vertical leap).  Is considered to have natural man coverage skills.

Downside:  Had only 1 interceptions over his last 2 college seasons.  Is considered to be undisciplined on the field in regards to his technique and mental toughness.  Is considered to be a high-risk/high-reward prospect.  Personally I prefer McCourty.


Maurkice Pouncey (C - Florida) - The Deal/Upside:  Pouncey was a starter for 3 seasons in Florida, he had a respectable showing against Tennessee's Dan Williams and Alabama's Terrence Cody, suggesting he can handle players who outsize him.  While he's a center, he's considered capable of playing guard (I've seen at least one draft guide that says he's capable of playing tackle on a "if needed" basis), which gives teams options.  If the Lions go with him the plan will probably be to start him out at guard until Domnic Raiola is done then move him over.

Downside:  There's a good chance he's gone in the first round, like a really, really good chance.  Also, he was a center in college and not a guard.


Roger Saffold (T-Indiana) - The Deal/Upside:  Saffold started at LT in Indiana, though Saffold is considered to have the best starting potential at guard, though he has the skills to potentially play LT.  Saffold is, if his Combine scores are any indication, a good overall athlete (finishing in the top performers in Broad Jump, 40 Time, Vertical Leap, 3 Cone Drill, and 20 Yard Shuttle). 

Downside:  Saffold didn't finish among the top performers in the bench press, and his run blocking is not considered to be a strength, which is a problem in the Lions scheme, especially if they want to convert him to guard.


Anthony Davis (T-Rutgers) - The Deal/Upside: Was a very good pass and run blocker in college, showed good "game strength".  If they draft a tackle as a project to replace Backus, he's probably the best in terms of "upside" that will be available in the second round.

Downside:  Suspensions, suspect work ethic, conditioning issues (didn't work out at the Combine after gaining 20 lbs. between the end of 2009 and the Combine).  Considered to have high bust potential.


Jahvid Best (RB - California) - The Deal/Upside:  A regular, though not exclusive starter for Cal in 2008&9, he has over 1,500 yards in 2008 Best had the best finish in the 40 yard dash at the NFL combine.  As a bonus, Best also has returned kicks.  While Best is undersized, he does have enough strength to break arm tackles. 

Downside:  Best has struggled to stay healthy in college, missing 4 games in 2009 with a concussion and soreback.  In addition Best is undersized and it does effect him in regard to pass protection.  If Toby Gerhart is available, he might be a better RB choice.


Toby Gerhart (RB - Stanford) The Deal/Upside:  A dominating runner in college (falling about 100 yards short of having 2,000 yards rushing last season) Gerhart is very strong, and has enough speed to be effective.  Is a very effective "pile pusher" type runner who can break tackles.  Was a top performer at the combine in the 20 yard shuttle, broad jump, vertical jump, and 3 cone drill.

Downside:  Was heavily used in college (and as a reminder, so was Kevin Smith), has only average speed, still wears a knee brace due to past injury.  Not a great blocker and was never used as a receiver in college.  Might be available in the 3rd round. 


If you see someone I missed, please feel free to say (I believe there's a guard from Illinois that was talked about by Pro Football Weekly).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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