Lions FA picks OK...under one condition

This really is my favorite time of year. The grass is growing...The birds are singing...and the Kool Aid bars are filled to the brim.
Yes, at this time of year every NFL fan has high hopes for their teams. And Detroit fans are no different.

There's so much buzz about the signing of 3 slightly above average players. I mean let's be honest...Of the 3 picks, 2 guys come from some of the worst teams in the league, and the other guy had his best season 3 years ago. Its funny how fans automatically project a guy will have his best season JUST BECAUSE he switched jerseys. But that's OK. I get it.
My personal opinion is...the moves are just OK. Did we get better? Maybe...
Are we deeper? Absolutely.

But I tell you what, if the Lions organization is thinking what I think they're thinking ...these moves will SET THE LIONS BACK YEARS.

If they're thinking..." We have Corey Williams, so now we don't have to draft Suh - They're Wrong
If they're thinking..." We've got KVB so, if Brandon Graham is available we can pass on him"...They're Wrong
If the Lions think that these Free Agent pickups alter their draft needs in any way...THEY ARE WRONG.

But by most accounts that's exactly what the Lions are thinking. Multiple sources say the Lions are dead set on trading the #2 pick. Some sources say with the Browns or Bills. What this means is, the Lions don't value their 2 most important positions (DT & LT) because the top 2 players at those positions (Suh & Okung) will be gone by the 7th or 9th pick. Actually, I think the 2nd LT Bryan Bulaga will be gone as well. So who helps the Lions at 7 or 9? Joe Haden ? too high for a 4.6 corner... Dan Williams? I like him, but that's a bit of a reach as well and I'm not sure he's better than Jared Odrick who you can get much later. Eric Berry? Needs a d line to really be great. Those impact players won't be there at the key positions. So why move that far down? To get who? Now if kansas city or Tampa Bay wants to talk...I'm listening. That way you are sure you're getting a top guy at a position we need. I'm going to give it to you straight. I think Ndomakong Suh will be more productive than Albert Haynesworth (who only has 6 more career sacks than our boy Corey Williams in 2 extra seasons). And Okung has the physical attributes to be as good as Jake Long, and is a better run blocker than Joe Thomas right now.

But somehow in my one of the most "surething" drafts in a long time...somehow the Lions are going to blow it. For Detroit Lions fans sake...I hope I'M WRONG.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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