Last one of the (off)season

Before I head off to bed, here's my final mock before the actual draft. Feel free to criticize, lament, tell me that Kyle Wilson is going in the 1st round, whatever. Thanks for giving a crap (or pretending to) most of the offseason. Can't wait to watch the shit hit the fan.

A couple notes:


Yes, I think SOMEONE will take a chance on Carlos Dunlap in the 1st. If not Philly (who DEFINITELY needs help on the d-line), then a strong-minded coach from a team like the Ravens or Benglas will not be 100% sure about their guy, and opt for someone they know has a ton of talent.


In the same token, I don't think a solid Senior Bowl performance and great measurables are going to overcome team's tapes and lack of appreciation for WAC talent, and Kyle Wilson may fall into the 2nd. I like to compare Wilson to Louis Delmas; a small-school guy who played above his competition, and really surprised people in the offseason. Teams will value him below their specific positional needs, and his talent is a perception at this point. You have to hope that all his running around in shorts impressed someone enough to eschew a player from a much more established program (think Kareem Jackson, an SEC stud CB), and when the chips fall, I don't see that applying to Wilson.


KC will take Trent Williams. He's climbing the draft boards late in the proverbial game, which has proven to be advantageous to guys who peak too early (Kyle Wilson, Taylor Mays, Dez Bryant). From what I've seen, Williams seems to be every bit of a gamer as OT darling Russell Okung, and Scott Pioli will take the most talented core player on their board with the 5th selection.


Like I said before, you don't want to peak too early in the rankings, or you eventually get overshadowed by the guys behind you in position prospects. Lucky for Dez Bryant, the Broncos just moved their Pro Bowl WR, and regardless of his issues and any other peripheral BS, McDaniels needs to get his team a bona fide #1 receiver. Demaryius Thomas and Arrelious Benn are enticing, but it's a crapshoot as to who may possibly be left when the Broncos pick again at 43.


Perfect fits/Locks: 
Ndamukong Suh @ #2 (Lions) - Whoever picks first is taking Sam Bradford, whether it's St. Louis, Cleveland, Buffalo, or Washington. If the Rams don't want him, I'd put a hundred dollar bill on them trading out of the spot. Someone is willing to give up what it would take for St. Louis to leave #1 if they aren't sold on Bradford, especially if it means they get picks and a shot at Clausen to boot. I don't think that with Suh on the board (especially in the case with a trade) that there is going to be sufficient interest to drive a trade. Regardless of my desires, Suh has and was always going to be the #2 pick in the 2010 draft.

Gerald McCoy @ #3, Russell Okung @ #4 (Bucs & Skins): These two guys just fit the systems and needs of the following teams too well. They're no brainer picks that will only serve as building blocks for their respective lines.

Dez Bryant @ #11 (Broncos), CJ Spiller @ #14 (Seahawks), Brandon Graham @ #22 (Patriots), Taylor Mays @ #27 (Cowboys).



And with that, I'm spent.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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