3 different draft options. (poll)

          Draft 1 :

   Trade for Albert Haynesworth (he will be a 3rd round draft pick by draft day) I really think he could be an Absolute STEAL for a 3rd round pick. He's is hearing people say he isnt a team player,hes lazy etc (cuz he doesnt want to play in Skins new 3-4) He comes in and proves he's the best DT in the his contract is so good right now its not even funny.(Skins payed 70% of it already) Hes only 28 yrs old,has 7-10 yrs left

 2-Eric Berry            S             ( Delmas-Berry would give Lions; a top  safety combo for yrs)

34-Devin McCourty      CB       (then sign PacMan Jones,Lions secondary would look real good )

66-Albert Haynesworth   DT         (Haynesworth-C.William/Sammie Lee-KV Bosh-Avirl ) close to Minn front 4.

100-Ben Tate   RB              (best all around back in the draft-blocking-recv-catching)

213- Brandon Miner    RB       (decent power back,real good pass blocker)    Lions need to add 2 RunningBacks

214-Freddie Barnes   WR         (would be a nice 4-5 WR)   could start down the road

254-Ryan Stamper OLB (Florida)        (special teamer-adds LB depth)

255- Dan Doering  Guard/C (Iowa)      (Lions could use some depth at both areas-Hawkeyes coach OLinemen well)

          Overview: This would make the Lions defense young,fast,with Many play makers (Albert,Berry,Delmas,KVB,McCourty,Adam JonesPeterson,Ernie Sims)

       Draft 2:

 2-N.Suh         DT                                (Has the makings of a 10-time Pro-Bowl DT )

34-Javid Best     RB                        (Lions havent had a homerun back since Barry)  would make the offense Deadly

66-Chris Cook    CB  (Virg)                (Big CB that can run)  6'2    212 LBs

100-Myron Rolle      FS                            (could be the "stay at home "saftey-while Delmas Flies around)

213-Zolton Mesko     P                                ( Could be a weapon for 15 yrs)     Great leg and coffin kicker too.Harris doesnt "boom it" when backed up.

214-Brandon Miner       RB                            (we still need 2 Backs in this draft)

254-Ray Small  WR (Ohio St)                    (slot recv  that makes plays)

255- Hunter Lawerence K (Tex)                (long FG kicker-steady) reminds me of Jason Hanson

          Overview: Suh-J.Best    could be 2 Superstar players,one on defense ;one on offense.In round 7  you look for "gems,guys that can play special teams" why not take 2 guys that could be weapons for 12-15 yrs (Mesko-Hunter) remember the Lions are still 1 draft and 1 free agent class,from being a pretty good football team,why not take 2 guys (K-P) that will be there in 2-3 yrs (Harris-Hanson wont be) take the 2 kickers this yr,instead of project guys.


    Draft 3;

 2-N.Suh   DT                 (could be the franchise changer on defense) Stafford is on offense.

34-Devin McCourty    CB    ( could be a Great # 2 CB or a very solid # 1.)

66-LeGarrette Blount     RB (Oreg)        (you have to take him here-he will be gone before round 4) people say hes a 5-6th rounder,then teams will look at film,and realize,Blount was a 1st rounder if he didnt punch that kid.Reminds me of  Stephen Jackson (Rams)

100-Brandon Spikes MLB            (hes falling down so many boards) if hes here ,you have to take him,people say he is a 2-down MLB,his 40-time was slow. Have you seen him play,he is a guy that doesnt need to have a good 40 yd dash.He is a football player .A THUMPER the Lions could use.

213-Zolton Mesko   P          (build for 2-3 yrs down the road)

214-Freddie Barnes    WR        (catches everything) could be a real nice 3rd down guy.with defenses focused on CJ,Pettigrew and Nate

254-Da'Mon Cromartie-Smith  S (UTEP)         (a hitting machine-one of college footballs All-Time leaders in tackels ,at saftey) he could clog the middle while Delmas roams.

255-Lee Tiffin   K   (Bama)           (build for 2-3 yrs down the road) another strong legged kicker.

                   Overview: this draft has 2- 1st round talents, slipping to rounds 3-4.The Lions need to take a chance with these 2,they could be Steals here,for a team looking to upgrade its roster.

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