Whats the next move, lets play GM...

Is there a little panic going around in the POD after the Sims trade...

           I like Sims but i also like the trade, fact is i like the trade better. Sims was in his last year and the chances of Detroit offering him another contract weren't likely to happen, plus he really didn't fit into Schwartz defense. I've been reading some of the comments and postings alot of " another hole to fill"  and panic around the POD, so i'm asking Whats the next move.

            It's no secret that Suh will be are 1st round pick unless some kind of trade takes place but highly unlikely, what happens from there 2nd round, 3rd round, 4th round and all those 7th rounders. Let's not think that Schwartz and Mayhew are done in FA and trades, i think RB and LB are areas that they would like to address so let's play GM for a bit, Jamal Brown and Jared Gaither both have been linked to Detroit at some point in time do they make a move or wait. R.Brown, M. Barber, C. Portis, and L. White are all on nthe trading block, and then LB Rocky McIntosh is rumored to be traded then there's FA Keith Bulluck, there are some safeties out there but one i like is Landry if there is a guy you like feel free to add him.

          My first move would be Gaither or Brown, my choice would be Brown. I know he's coming off of a injury but i'd put him at RT until Backus proves he is know longer able to play LT, that will make our Oline complete. I would hope that N.O would be willing to take a 7th this year and a third next year. Although i would like Brown,Barber, White or Portis it seems to me that waiting on these backs is best. Everyone seems to believe or wants a CB in the 2nd don't see it happening, Schwartz has already said that CB is the least of his worries in the draft. I think Houston will be a elite CB for us and fits perfectly into what Schwartz and Gunner want and expect from a CB, behind him its Wade, Smith and King with talks of bring in Jones or Sheppard. I like Smith over Wade and King but still see them signing Jones over Sheppard. As for safety we have Delmas and Simpson don't see them upgrading at that position in the draft and believe they feel the same Bullocks,White, and Simpson will be entering there 5th season and one of them will be what Schwartz needs.

         So i believe there is one more move before the draft and that is Jamal Brown, feel free to make your own moves or tell me how stupid mine are just have fun with it.

#2 DT Suh

#34 ILB Lee

#66 RB Gerhart/Tate

#100 DE Austen Lane Murray St./ J. Ford

#213 traded to N.O for Brown

#214 FB Conner

#255 KR/PR Holliday

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