The End Result

I've been on the (relatively successful) job hunt lately, and haven't been able to give my input much recently, but I read this post by hate2lovelions, and liked the idea and simplicity of it, so here's my semi-realistic/wishful thinking post-draft/pre-season roster along with the moves that could get us there:


Round 1, Pick 2: Ndamukong Suh, DT - Nebraska

It's looking more and more like Clausen may slip, and even if the Redskins are willing to take him at #4, any team that would be interested in trading up would probably have to bet the farm on him. Cleveland seems uninterested and Seattle has more pressing needs. Buffalo and Jacksonville (at 9 and 10, respectively) would have to give up quite a bit to move ahead of Washington, and may be content to bet on the 'Skins passing on him rather than potentially throw away picks attempting to pre-empt Shanahan and Co.. I'm not 100% sure the Lions' FO would be comfortable moving to a spot like that anyways, so I see them staying home and taking their sure thing, the 'House of Spears' himself. It's the (relatively) safe, smart move to make at the #2 spot.

Consolation Pick: Eric Berry, S - Tennessee


Round 2, Pick 34: Kyle Wilson, CB - Boise State

I know it's been beaten to death on whether or not Wilson will be taken early in the draft, but for all the hype surrounding him, I don't fully believe that a great combine is going to propel him above the likes of Kareem Jackson and Devin McCourty. Wilson played against sub-par talent at Boise, and for all the combine performance and bravado he displays, I don't think the two teams I have taking CB's in the first round (San Francisco and Minnesota) would take a risk on him. This is still a value pick, even three selections after Minnesota takes Jackson, as the positional value for Detroit is huge. I think this is far more of a likely situation than many people may be willing to say, and with two selections, we've addressed major parts of our defense. 

Consolation Pick: Jahvid Best, RB - Cal


Round 3, Pick 66: Matt Tennent, C - Boston College

A darkhorse pick of sorts, Tennent is a great center that came from a program with a heavy passing offense. A three-year starter, he has the capability to be a starter when Dominic Raiola eventually hangs up the pads. He has decent size (6'4", 295 lbs.) and had similar combine results to interior OL darling Maurkice Pouncey, who he outran in the 40 and outperformed in the broad jump (the only two excersizes Pouncey participated in at the combine). With the addition of Rob Sims (which will be detailed later in the draft) we pick up one of the, if not the most solid remaining offensive lineman in the draft.

Consolation Pick: Jerome Murphy, CB - USF



Round 4, Pick 100: Kam Chancellor, S - Virginia Tech

Chancellor is an interesting prospect in the mid-rounds. When scouting a safety, I feel as though you need someone who has something other players don't. The S position is, by nature, a hybrid. You need to play corner and linebacker on any given play, and this safety from VT can do just that. He doesn't necessarily have the speed of a lockdown DB (ran a 4.62 at the combine) but can hang just the same. The thing that sets him apart, however, is his size: at 6'4" and 230 pounds, there are plenty of similarities drawn to Arizona S Kerry Rhodes (coincidentally also a prior 4th round pick). Another potential early starter, Chancellor has spent his career in Blacksburg doing nearly everything, and settled into his role as a defense-leading FS for the last two years. An explosive hitter, Chancellor has the capability to eventually start next to Delmas and form a rather imposing tandem of speed, size, and ferocity to our defensive backfield.

Consolation Pick: Ed Wang, T - Virginia Tech


Round 5, Pick 133: TRADE to Seattle with conditional 2011 pick for G Rob Sims.

Somehow, Mayhew needs to pull the trigger on this deal. He obviously wasn't comfortable giving up a 4th rounder for Sims, so sending them slightly less, plus a pick next year based on his playing time should be enough to push the deal through. We get a starter on our offensive line, and Seattle gains more much needed depth in a deep draft for new coach Pete Carroll.


Round 7, Pick 214: John Connor, FB - Kentucky

First of all, the man saved the world from total annihilation by SkyNet. Secondly, picking up a true fullback enables us to move Jerome Felton to where he should be playing (in my opinion): RB. No need to draft LeGarrette 'Little A.I.' Blount, we have our 245 pound bruiser right on our roster. Connor is a great value pick here, and adds even more value by transferring a guy being misused right now into a real contributor.


Round 7, Pick 255:  Leigh Tiffin, K - Alabama

Just like Kansas City did last year with K Ryan Succop, Detroit could (and should) do this year, and crown Mr. Irrelevant a kicker. The final pick of the draft is going to give little to no value, so we may as well wrap up a position we could use an extra body in. Draft the best kicker available, and see if he can sit on the practice squad for a while, in case Jason Hanson goes down or really starts shitting the bed. I hope and expect Hanson will have a few more years left in him, but contingency is better than getting caught with your pants down.


After the Draft

Along with our picks, the seemingly inevitable signing of CB Adam "Pacman" Jones will more than likely surface. After that, I think that the vast majority of the work will be done, with a possible trade in the works for one of our myriad middle-of-the-road WR's or a linebacker, but that's all speculation at this point. When camp hits, this is how our depth chart would look:












  C. Johnson

 B. Johnson




















































Personally, I'd be absolutely thrilled to have this sort of a team makeup at the start of the 2010 season. What do you think?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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