10 reasons to pick Okung

10 Reasons why the Lions need to pick Okung. Found this article on You guys can read the article but ill put in the 10 general points. 


1. Protecting the Franchise Investment-Detroit is paying Stafford $72 million over six years. If Stafford fails, the Lions will fail. If Stafford succeeds, the Lions will, in all likelihood, eventually reach the playoffs for the first time since 1999.

2. Peppers, Matthews and Allen. All three of Detroit's NFC North rivals have premier pass-rushers.

3. Offensive Tackles Have High Hit Rates and Low Bust Rates.  Link (article about OT bust rates)

4. Is Ndamukong Suh Overhyped? Don't get me wrong here. Suh is a damn good prospect. But I feel as though some analysts and many casual fans are building Suh up to be something that he's not.

5. Ndamukong Suh's Bust Factor and Knees. Chances are that Suh will be a multi-time Pro Bowler in the NFL. He's a top-three prospect on everyone's board for a reason.
However, scouts are often wrong about players. Remember when Glenn Dorsey was supposed to be the next Warren Sapp? Suh went through two knee surgeries in college. One knee surgery should be enough to draw a red flag. Two knee surgeries are way too many.
Now, many will argue that Suh's knee surgeries didn't affect his play at Nebraska. This is definitely true, but we don't know the long-term effects. How do we know if Suh's knees will hold up in three or four years?

6. Defensive Tackle is No Longer a Need. Williams collected 14 sacks for the Packers. The Browns put him into a 3-4 system that he was uncomfortable with. Of course there are two starting defensive tackles in a 4-3 defense. Williams will play alongside Sammie Lee Hill, who had a very good rookie campaign

7. Money. If the Lions draft Suh, the Nebraska prospect will sign the second-richest contract given to a defensive tackle in NFL history. Lions will have 2nd highest contract totals tied up in DTs.

 8. Russell Okung - Not a Scrub. Okung is the real deal. He's an athletic franchise left tackle. He's not some overweight pig like Andre Smith. He's not some overhyped, raw Combine star like Jason Smith. Okung has been the consensus No. 1 offensive tackle all year. Any quarterback would be lucky to have him protecting his blind side.

9. Jeff Backus. Again, Jeff Backus apologists will be up in arms about how he's the greatest thing since Internet porn. I'll say this - Backus is an excellent run-blocker. He would be a great left guard or right tackle.

10. Atoning for Past Mistakes. Given Detroit's failures over the years, the following fact should not be surprising - The Lions have not chosen an offensive tackle in the upper half of an NFL Draft (top 16 picks) since 1985.

 Theres the 10 reasons. The article goes into more depth. Good read!

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