NFL: 'Richard Dickson Should Be Drafted In the 3rd Round'


For those who don't know, yesterday I posted an article about my client at Elias Sports Management (and you're newest addition to the Lions), Richard Dickson.  If you wanna read it before you read this one, just click on this link:

Richard Dickson Has Something You Can't Coach

Obviously, as an agent, one the most important parts of my job is to sell my client's talents as effectively as possible.  And with Richard not being picked up in the draft (like he should have been! ;-), I feel the need to set the record straight on just how good he is.  Yesterday, I mentioned some reasons why he's a stud, but here are more thoughts as to why Dickson's definitely gonna be a contender for a spot on the Lion's roster.

Okay -- Get a load of this...

During Richard's junior year at LSU, he asked the NFL where they calculated him being selected in the coming year's Draft (FYI: Richard wasn't really going to leave school before graduating, he was simply curious about where the NFL projected him being selected).  He waited around for their answer and, finally, they reported back with a...


That's right -- They didn't project him to go undrafted, or in the seventh, sixth, fifth, or fourth round -- They had him being scooped up in the THIRD round!  

With that said, I'm willing to bet you feel a little more confident in Richard's ability ...don'tcha? ;-)

So Richard received his boost of confidence from the NFL and marched into his senior season with his head held high.  Despite all that confidence he was swimming in, his end of the season numbers didn't exactly portray him as the third-round caliber player the NFL projected him to be.  The cause of his slip in stats wasn't his fault, though.  It happened because LSU struggled offensively in certain ways, and the ball wasn't thrown in his direction as much as it was during previous seasons.  THAT'S why Richard's stats dipped a bit and he ended up not being drafted this year.

Sure... You're not going to be sold on Richard's talents - like I am - until you see him play - I get that.  But you may be asking yourself why I'M so sold on him; because, after all, I could have passed on recruiting him for the same reasons NFL teams passed on drafting him.  To answer that, let me give you a little insight into how Elias Sports Management operates.

The average lifespan of an NFL career is three years.  Well, in my eleven years as an agent, I've recruited twenty-three players; and after ten years, I still have seventeen of them - many of whom went UNdrafted - who are STILL under contract with NFL teams.  And the reason so many of my clients who have gone undrafted are enjoying such successful careers is because, when my team and I initially scouted them out, we used a VERY SOPHISTICATED scouting technique that helped us decide to recruit them.

Wanna know what that sophisticated scouting technique is?  Well here it is...

We listen to the opinions of the right people.

Pretty innovative, huh? ;-)

I'm proud to say that Elias Sports Management is going nationwide in our recruiting pursuits, but, for roughly the last decade, we've been cherry-picking talent out of LSU (Geaux Tigers! ;-) And because I've grown a lot of my business by staying tight with the folks at my alma mater, I've been able to pick the staff's brains about which players are working the hardest in the training room and which ones are spending the most time in the cold tubs.  I represent both the Tigers' strength coach (Tommy Moffit) and trainer (Jack Maruchi), and these guys can determine which players will be successful in the NFL better than anyone else.  

So what was Tommy Moffit and Jack Maruchi's opinion of Richard Dickson?


So, after some intense scouting, and me taking to heart the wise words of Tommy and Jack (as well as many other trusted sources), I can tell you - with confidence - that Richard Dickson has a bright future to look forward to.  Sure, he has an uphill battle to face, because there are so many great players who are ahead of him (on paper), but Richard understands what he's going to have to do in order to make the final cut.

You're not going to hear much talk outta Richard; he comes to work to do just that: work.  And I promise you're going to recognize him during the preseason.  He's gonna have a lot of fans not only because of his talent on the field, but also because of their strong admiration towards the heart and soul this kid displays.  And for those people who wanna be convinced a little more... Google ""Richard Dickson" SEC" and see for yourself the types of records he threw down during his four year career in the toughest conference in college football.

Lions fans should be very proud of their organization for selling me on the fact that Richard fits best in Detroit.  They're going to have a really neat offense this year, because they're going to do a lot of different things with their flankers, tight ends, and also their full backs.  That team is going to turn things around this year - I promise.  And thanks to my realization of that, as well as my faith in Richard, our decision to make him a Lion was a much easier one to make.  

I truly do want to see the Lions succeed - not just for the team's sake, but also for the sake of the city.  As a Louisiana boy who grew up loving the Saints, I understand what it feels like to see a place you love struggle.  And thanks to the recent successes of my home state (WHO DAT!?!), I also know how good it feels to witness a community's rebirth.  The last time I visited Detroit, I was there for the Buick Open; and it absolutely broke my heart to see what was going on around there.  But, you can take it from me (someone who's experienced, first hand, the beauty of a revival) that I feel an energy building in Detroit that's going to get its heart beating at full-blast again - mark my words ;-)


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