A Two Headed Monster

Before I begin I would like to take a chance and put a disclaimer since I don't actually agree with how the situation has been handled by the the player and it doesn't sit well with me but the advantage of the player outweighs my personal thoughts on the manner.

Albert Haynesworth is player I am speaking of. Lets not take sides or condone what he's doing but the reality is that a trade is likely going to happen especially w/ his no show. And lets be honest Detroit should really see if there's any options here  ... I remember reading that since he was paid his 21 mill that he would only be owed something like 9 mill over next two years. His willingness itself to get out of Washington will depend as well as that 21 mill will need to get paid back some before they'd be willing to, either by him or the team that grabs him and to be honest he wants out bad enough he'll pay it. And since we are still looking for ways to bolster our Defense and help that secondary out, (Read below to see why I say help the secondary)  this seems like we could get a win/win great compromise to the Detroit situation at hand. I like how this article put it ...

"He played for (Jim) Schwartz, and Jeff Fisher knew how to manage him. I will tell you this — you put Haynesworth next to (Ndamukong) Suh, and the NFC North better look out. You want to talk about a wrecking crew, now. How do you block that?"

"I like what Detroit is doing. (The Lions) are doing some good things. In my opinion, they had another good draft. They are finally collecting talent to win some games."

Now one thing I take into consideration for this thought is the Lions themselves picked up at least 2 players from trades for the same reason Haynesworth doesn't want to play for the Redskins, Scheme change. An in the aspect of one of Detroit's trades it was because he didn't fit a 3-4 scheme and struggled in it, but had flourished before in a 4-3 scheme. This is what Haynesworth actually fears himself.

Now along side him and KVB and a mediocre secondary, the titans were able to put together a 13-3 and 10-6 seasons on the two prior to last season w/out him. Even KVB's numbers went down last season bringing him into question and if he still had it and now along side Suh he's expected to already have a little more production. The other factor here is Bulluck (D has Peterson pro bowler LB) and if you look at their offense over that time, two separate QB's which Stafford will be better than both at end of career more than likely, and a mediocre passing game, strong running, and a decent TE.  Now the thought of Detroit's secondary, in this it seems they have a lot players who are more so fit for the shorter routes and will get beat a lot down field or as its put fast off the jump slow to keep up, as per quoted above, the defensive line would be good enough that we would take advantage of their strengths on defense more than allowing weakness to show as that's how it works out on paper.

Schwartz already seems to be kind of remaking Tennessee in a sense here in Detroit if you look at how the moves have turned out and how he's building his defense. I feel the lions should definitely see if there are any options there especially since some of the other FA's including Atowge havent panned out yet or seem to be happening. If we cant bolster the secondary then lets make it easier for them kind of philosophy or mentality. Detroit could easily go from the 5-7 wins expected to 9 wins. Also by obtaining him Detroit could maybe interest other players seeing that Detroit, if everything were to turn out well and this fell through,  would be a playoff positioned team. And the players I speak of are two vets i think could add a lot of depth if healthy and would be must needs to get into rotation to keep players fresh and the team growing and shooting for playoffs and that would be C. Pitts and K. Bulluck. And it would all be affordable now.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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