My personal analysis of Pre-season game #1

Now instantly, the first thing I noticed and I hope you all noticed too was our Defensive Line play. Cliff Avril looked like a brand new player finally showing his star ability. Our DT's were pushing into the Pittsburgh backfield. Kyle Vanden Bosch showed his leadership he brings to this defense. Jim Schwartz was right, a quarterback can't throw a pass on his back or with a defender in his face.

Yet when he does get that ball away it can be scary for our weak secondary. There is more speed back there, but definately not enough experience. Safetys C.C. Brown and Randy Philips both played well. C.C. Brown stopped a big run play causing a forced fumble. While Randy Philips was always around the ball carrier. This is my biggest concern about our Lions- Secondary depth and the fact that our back-ups are horrifying. Dennis Dixon picked us apart as the second strings came in.

I was extremely disappointed when Jordon Dizon went down with an injury and I could tell it wasn't good as the trainers looked at his left knee. With already thin depth at the Linebacker position lets pray Deandre Levy heals up quickly. Zach Follett was fun to watch, he just looked like he wanted to hit people and hard the whole time he was out there.

Offensively I am proud of our Offensive Line play, we gave up one sack folks that's right one! (In the fourth quarter too I think) Stafford look poised and calm in the pocket most of the time and threw a nice touchdown to Calvin Johnson. His one interception came on a dropped pass from Jahvid Best. Best looked a little shaky and over-excited but showed his home run ability we all talk about. One time eluding two tacklers in the backfield which would have been a 4 yard loss and turning into a 6 yard gain for a first down.

Special teams coverage was much improved and returns were average which is an upgrade.

Winners- Cliff Avril, Shaun Hill

Cliff Avril showed his speed and his ability to get into the backfield quickly and cause problems for the offense.

I am extremely happy to finally have a good back-up in Shaun Hill. He comes onto the field, does his job, and gets it done.


Losers- Derrick Williams, Dede Dorsey

Williams is quickly dropping on this roster with his poor return plays, like a fair catch on the 4 yard line when no one is around him.

Dorsey showed very little of why he should be on this roster that is already packed with good Running backs. With very little explosiveness and a fumble in the red zone.


Add any input you wish too. Such as Biggest surprise? Biggest concern? What were you pleased to see?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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