Lions tonight, Quick thoughts

I need my fix.

After watching the first Exhibition game, I came away with several conclusions that I would like to see reinforced tonight.

1) A Dominate D line can in fact cover weaknesses in the secondary.

2) Best is the real deal if he can stay healty.

3) Stafford looked comfortable in the pocket and his accuracy, frankly, astounded me.

4) The often maligned offensive line showed it is better than expected.

5) The depth at WR and the competition it created seems to have lit a fire under several players tail ends.

6) The TE position as a whole was impressive and we have not even seen Grew yet.

On the Defensive side:

Tonight, unlike last week, we are going to see a Starting QB. This should be a more complete measure of how our D line can affect a game. The chance to see Levy out there is promising but I would not expect too much from him both in number of plays and performance. If he does get out there, he will be limited as a result of his very limited practice time. Frankly, I would prefer him not to play.

Two players I would like to see more from, Suh and Follett. I understand that Suh is a rookie and saw double teams on almost every play but that does not change what he was brought here to do, run amok in the backfield. I know he is a Rook, I just want to see more from him. Pitt made him a non factor and that is not acceptable. As for Follett, I would like to see him cut loose a little more. His speed and knack for the "square in the chest legal hit" makes it likely that he could be a dangerous pass rusher. I understand we want pressure from the front 4 but when you have Peterson and Follett on the outside of your LBs, why not cut them loose now and then and see what happens? Its the preseason after all.

On Offense:

I would like to see best build on what we saw last week. His running was impressive and his edge speed surprised me. If Smith makes it out there, I would like to see him do what he used to do so well, run down hill without fear. Those two, together in the backfield, would drive D coordinators wild. Think modified play action that ends in a screen play to one of those two guys with the other on a hot read for anyone coming through the line too fast. Just an idea.

From Stafford, I would like to see him stretch the field a little more. I can't seem to find the stats for this but I do not remember him having a pass that was in the air 20+ yards last week. I tried to find numbers to back up my rather feeble memory to no avail. At any rate, He has the arm let the boy cut it loose on occasion. Pass interference is a common call these days, lets use it to our advantage for once. One last thing, I would love to see Stafford walk off the field again with a clean jersey again which leads me to my last point.

I want to see the O line do what they did last week and protect their QB. I know it was only one quarter but the pockets Staff was throwing from were beautiful and directly affected his accuracy. This is the area I was most surprised with last week. I want to see it again.

I am just hyped for the game tonight and had some things running around in my head.

Let me know what is banging around in your skull.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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