Seriously though: Tony Washington?

Tony Washington. The "sister sleeper". We talked pretty extensively pre-draft about this guy, with most comments consisting of a simple one liner or joke regarding incest. The common opinion was essentially that, no, we shouldn't use a draft pick on the guy, though a lot of folks seemed to be good with the idea of taking him with a seventh round pick.

Yes, it's hard to fathom what possibly was going through his mind when, as a 16 year old, he decided to have consensual sex with his 15 year old sister. But according to this article, posted on, he seems genuinely remorseful, and has had a pristine record since "the incident".

Dude ain't had a easy life. I'm not going to sit here and say if you were in his shoes you would have done the same, because you probably wouldn't. But what you can do is forgive a man for a sin he committed as a 16 year old, growing up in a situation likely much worse then anything you or I did.

All this leads up to the question I have for you guys: should the Lions take a look at Tony Washington? For those that aren't aware, he's an Offensive Tackle who stands at 6'7" and 310 pounds. He also has very impressive athleticism for a guy of his stature, and was projected by most mock drafts to go in the third or fourth round before word of "the incident" got around to NFL execs.

Even as a seventh round pick, there would have been some amount of investment in him, and therefore some type of risk. But as an UDFA, there is no risk involved in bringing the guy in. If nothing else, he instantly becomes the most talented O-Lineman on the practice squad, and as crazy as this sounds he probably has more upside then our fourth round pick, Jason Fox.

I know, Corey Hilliard has played really well, we just drafted Fox, and that's in addition to Backus, Jansen, and Cherilus. But, again, he would likely be on the practice squad, and in a year or two be ready for a promotion to the big leagues.

What time is it? You guessed it: Poll time.

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