Suh's Double Facemask Takedown Inspires Fear Into Hunted Quarterbacks


Since Ndamukong Suh threw Jake Delhome around like a rag doll, the move that can only be described as the double face mask take down has garnered National attention. Below I will list some of the responses that I have trolled the internet for in order for everyone here to realize the impact that this one play has had. Think about it, take a whiff, take a sip, roll it around on your tongue, and savor it boys, savor it for the sweet taste of victories to come it will be.

But this is what I thought. We, here with the Bears, are afraid that we don't have anyone who can block him. He can hit clean and kill Jay. Minnesota and Brett Favre need watch out. Aaron Rodgers, you've been notified; that Detroit can be the laughing stock of the division anymore. If you can't block this kid, your season go down with a sac


Rule Book !!
Rule #1 Blow past blockers
Rule #2 Grab quarterbacks
Rule #3 Open Like a bottle of pop !! Drop when done !!
Now thats real football I love this guy, go Suh


Looked clean to me. What's all the fuss about? I love Sapp's tweet, classic.

  1. @ndamukong_suh u ok Big Boy!! U can't Take the QB's Head Home with U!!! Must Leave it Intact!! via ÜberTwitter in reply to ndamukong_suh


It is a pretty safe to say that Suh will be one of the most dominating NFL players we have seen ever. Watching what he did in the Big 12 last year and watching what he did to my alumni's (Mizzou) QB, he is a very dangerous player, and dangerous in a good way. The quantity of beef he carries at blinding speed, the agility of his meat hooks for arms, and a quick thinking brain will wreck havoc with any offense he comes in contact with. Best pick the Lions have made since that last no name they drafted from the big 12...what was his name...Barry something???? Sanders maybe:)


I'll be surprised if the League doesn't fine him for that attempted decapitation.


Isn't that what we want? I am all for player safety, but I love watching people get annihilated.
I am a Patriots fan. I lived a year without Tom Brady. It is football. This isn't the NBA where breathing on a superstar draws a foul. This is full-blown man-on-man power and no player (except for kickers and punters) should be excused from getting schwacked.


Sure it was unnecessary to pull the facemask but Delhomme is a big baby. I am sure that Schwartz will temper Suh as needed but that aggression is just what Detroit needs to get fired up. Go Suh!


Yeah that was a penalty but what was all that arm flailing after the play by Delhomme? Was he celebrating getting pwnt or was he crying cause he just crapped his pants?


boo yah!!!! old scholl football not sure about the face masking but if you want to throw the QB WHY NOT? wish the bears had him !!! its football not dancing with the stars!!!


As a Viking fan, I love this kind of aggression out players. It's great to see something positive being built in Detroit, even if the article is about a facemask-bodyslam. At least a Lion is showing some serious ability and heart.
I think the days of 2 free wins for NFC North teams are coming to an end. The Lions have a beast in Jhavid Best, a promising young QB for the first time in many, many decades, and a defense that is going to surprise some people, especially along the DLine, not to mention one of the best WR's to play the game in Calvin Johnson.
I've always respected Lions fans for supporting this team, while not respecting the front office or most of the players. That is going to change this year, and the Norris Division is heading back to top-to-bottom Black and Blue once again.
Go Get Em Suh....just stay away from Favre, Please.


The NFL should make all it's QB's wear dresses!! Football is a contact sport Jake!!


I'm a Lions fan. It was a dumb penalty to take, but I love finally seeing some aggresion on defense. He should get a hefty fine, but not a suspension unless this becomes habitual.
That was old-school football. Dick Butkus and Jack Lambert did that all the time.
I hope Grampa Favre has seen this. I bet he pees in his Depends when he does.


Good thing its a pre-season game, I love the intensity, we haven't seen that in Detroit in a while (if ever).


Mistreated that ho.


"It definitely is," Kyle Vanden Bosch said. "I asked him what happened, and he said he thought Delhomme still had the ball. We're going after the quarterback and trying to make a play, and sometimes you make a mistake, but he wasn't trying to hurt anyone."


Mangini does not believe there was any intent on the part of Suh, the former Nebraska standout, to injure Delhomme. Mangini was impressed with Suh during Cleveland's predraft evaluations. "When I met the kid, he was a good kid," Mangini said. "I don't think he's a malicious guy, from what I know about him. It was just a poor decision."


"I'll let the league office handle that," Delhomme said with a smile. "We got a first down out of it and that made me happy."


"I was just going after the ball, and I had no clue that he had gotten rid of it," Suh told reporters Monday. "I don't know what to expect from the league. I've gotten personal fouls before, but that was in college, and they can't fine you there."


i don't really mind. qb's get treated like princesses in comparison to everybody else. he was putting fear into him and it worked because it shook him up a bit.


From PFT:
Ndamukong Suh can expect to pay a fine this week
Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on August 28, 2010 7:30 PM ET
If Lions rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was going to get fined and penalized, we give him credit for getting his money's worth. Suh was called for a personal foul in the second quarter of Saturday night's game, but he could have been called for the penalty three times during the play. After Jake Delhomme let go of a pass, Suh grabbed Delhomme's facemask and yanked it. Then he wrapped his arms around Delhomme's head. For good measure, he then tossed Delhomme to the ground like a rag doll. In one play Suh did everything that the league is trying to protect quarterbacks from. Honestly, it was sort of awesome.

A lot of his game is intimidation and he just sent a message to every other QB in the league.

Aw, don't be bitter because your offenses don't have a chance in the wake of SUH. Keep doing what you're doing big boy. Just lay off the facemask.

Think that might of rattled Delhomme a little? He fumbled on the next play

If he keeps doing that, he won't survive the season. Somebody will take a knee out. I like watching it, though, it's like how the NFL was in the '70s.

that was straight old school WWF face slam... Suh .. this aint two hand touch....

my thought is maybe Suh had Delhomme as his QB on his fantasy team last year

Anyone else think Schwartz told Suh to get to the QB and rip his freaking head off and Suh took him literally.

It's about time people fear a nasty DT.

One of the offensive lineman should have done something - not just stand there and do nothing afterward... at least get in his face and say something. It was like the Brown's O-linemen don't give a rats behind about Delhomme. Give him a shove... just do something.

I would welcome anybody trying to step up to Suh. It'd be hilarious.

Where the hell are Delhomme's lineman after that? Someone needs to step up and take up for your QB. That is what a team is all about.

Oh, I'm sure there was probably a veteran on the field who could have shown him a couple of things. Young and stupid does not mean invincible.

It does if your name means House of Spears.

They were scared. Didn't want to piss him off because they had to line up in front of him again.

Exactly. Watch #79 take it all in and start pointing fingers and chirping at the ref. Man up and take care of it yourself.....Oh and by the way Suh is awesome.

Wow, i'm shocked Delhomme stood back up straight after that one. If it wasn't for the grab of the facemask, it would've been a good tackle.

Looked like a clean hit to me.

What about protecting the Browns? That's the important thing here. The less Delhomme plays, the better. Suh was doing Cleveland a favor.

Suh decided to come back and play for Nebraska for 2 more years and learned how to "flip the switch" from gentle giant off the field to the on field beast you see today. He was a Heisman finalist and the #2 draft pick because of the very thing he did to Delhomme. It's just too bad that he caught a little of his facemask.

One more thing, they were double teaming him and trying to cut him BEFORE that happened.


I'm pretty surprised to see that from Suh, As a Husker fan I love this guys, he was always a great guy on and off the field here. The facemask was pretty blatant and if he gets a fine he deserves it, but you guys calling him a thug based off of one play need to back it down a little.

Football is a rough sport, i agree about the lively hood of the men on the field but at the end of the day you need a mean streak in you. someone made a comment about 300lbs+ guys trying to keep you from the QB all the while he is running the other way. QB to DL are like blood to a pit, its not going to end well. i get that there are rules in place to help protect both sides of the ball and give us a pure game, but that was awesome

Ok... Was it excessive? Yes, but in the words of your father, 2 wrongs don't make a right. Let's not wish ill things on players. Suh got penalized, his coach got onto him, Goodell will probably send him a nasty note. But suspension for several games??? Come on. He did the wrong thing, give him a chance to learn from it.

I kept expecting Suh to follow up with an elbow drop or something.

What I heard was that...Suh's younger brother told him that before the game Delhomme and the Browns trashed his car and spray painted "Detroit and Ridgemont High suck" all over it.

The best part was where Delhomme was already down/on his knees before Suh tossed him...

He has no way of knowing if his knee is down. You can't stop tackling because a knee may have hit the turf. This is getting ridiculous.

My parting shot: The only unfortunate thing about this was the facemask. Everything else was football, if a little unorthodox because Suh has made a habit of the old school bearhug tackle - which isn't illegal, provided he doesn't do it during the play. He's a very smart, composed individual who loves the game a little too much sometimes. I'm just glad he wont be ending Stafford's career.

As a recovering Delhomme owner, I've been clean for 2 years. Thank you Suh for doing what I and so many other former Delhomme owners have wanted to do.

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