Detroits Secondary Really Not So Bad Off


Camp is on and the Lions have continued to make move after move in getting this team up to par to compete w/ any team in the NFL. And in this post I’m going to try to focus on the Secondary and the moves that have been made since camp started and why these moves are actually very good moves overall, as well as show some direction that should actually give some optimism as to what they are seeing that we can’t or won’t be able to until preseason starts unless your catching the public practices. And why the secondary may actually be stronger than the linebacker core in terms of how people will perceive what the Lions weakest links are.

First was the move to get Bly, and then they moved Wesley and Hefney to the S position which lacked the most depth.  In this Wesley is already best suited to jump quickly into that spot where as Hefney is a young player who can be taught now especially given the fact he only has like 1 yrs in the NFL.  Add the new player Phillips into the mix and Manuel out you get something like this:

CB Houston Wade Spievey Bly Berry King Williams

S Delmas Wesley Brown White Phillips Hefney Simpson

The first thing you‘ll notice is it won’t be as hard to make the choice now on which CB’s make the final roster, especially with the early reports from camp of Berry and Spievey really impressing the coaches,  with Williams out on injury and King needing to step up enough to prove he still belongs here it looks like Bly will be a true vet showing some guidance and leadership to the younger CB crew, two of which [Houston and Wade] had higher potential they haven’t reached themselves and both are kind of in a “We better start proving we were 2nd and 3rd round draft choices as well as starter material on the field mentality.” The other two being potentially dangerous rookies that could excel w/ the right tutelage. Im sure somewhere in Schwartz’s back of his mind is like well if it’s going to be that type of season I might as well develop what and who I can as much as possible.  I believe there were a couple of teams that did ok  defensively  by trusting in their unproven rookies or younger players who were forced in because of injury and in Detroit and the situation you kind of have to be willing to take that chance, especially if the Defense works the way he’s designing It,  getting to the QB quicker.

Now the question really goes to the safety positions and aside from Delmas there was no sure starter and probably wont be to be honest. I could see a rotation of players here throughout the season but what you could be seeing is yet again making it a younger secondary. Phillips gets signed Manuel gets dropped, they obviously saw something they liked there in order for that to happen. Hefney moving to safety also puts another youth, lets not forget Delmas is only in his second year as well. I could actually see Simpson and White getting the boot in favor of this w/ Wesley and Brown making the final roster in favor of those other two. Now what you would see possible to start season is this:

CB Houston Spievey Wade Bly Berry

S Delmas Wesley Brown Phillips {Hefney maybe}

Looking at that the CB position actually looks pretty solid w/ the potential that’s there, again this is all on paper just as they go into their offseason thinking what looks good on paper, we know doesn’t always transfer to field but it does seem that it’s looking upward in terms of what they could be doing. Looking at the safety position you still have to wonder though, can a move be made that would give a more satisfactory “We are ok back there” mentality? But at same time any of them could easily step up in that regard and take it over next to Delmas is always a possibility as well as maybe training someone to become NFL level starter (Hefney, Phillips is already a S but he could be included cos he’s rookie) could pay off by mid late season or have more set for next they’ll play (pending lockout). To be honest I think what Delmas did last season as a rookie helps influence this thought that Schwartz is going to be willing to take a huge chance on a young Secondary.

 Either way the point to this post was more so to show the optimism of what’s going on and why I think the secondary isn’t or won’t be as much of a question come the start of season or even during preseason, other than position battling. I also believe this secondary will surprise some people if these youths really step it up.

Anyhow hope you enjoyed the post and it got your brains thinking about some things or the other possibilities.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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