Week 1 Grades!

Week 1 Grade:  Offense

Last night's match-up was against the Chicago Bears.  Here's how the Offense did:  

The offense came out and really, wait a second.  Today's only Saturday.  Why do I already feel like I watched the game?   Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh right, right, right.  I've been so loaded and pumped for the first game of the season I actually dreamt of the full game the other night! 

I suppose you're wondering why I'm still writing huh?  I was going to stop, until I remembered that in my past I actually learned how to become a psychic.  I could actually dream the future if I focused hard enough.  You're all about to get some Topheritis, side affects may include near fact future predictions.  Lucky for you all.  So since I am a psychic, I figure I will just act like in my dream is the real game, because it pretty much will be.  On with the grades I say!!!

Week 1 Grade:  Offense

The offense came out and really set the tempo, reinforcing all of their improvements they showed in the preseason.  The first drive a touchdown, the third drive, TOUCHDOWN.  Can you guess the final drive?  Field goal, hey can't win em all.  Here's some of the stats for you to enjoy:

Passing Att Cmp Yds TDs
Matthew Stafford
  35   27  320
Jahvid Best    1
Rushing Car Yds Avg TDs
Jahvid Best
21   111 5.8 2
Maurice Morris 10    40 4.0 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TDs
Calvin Johnson   12
13.1 1
Nate Burelson    8
 9.7 0


Twenty of Staffords total complete passes were between Megatron and Recepticon.  There was absolutely no doubt that the Lions were in control the entire game.  Time of Possession, First Downs, Third Down Conversions, almost everything belonged to us. 

And Julius Peppers.  Whose that?  He wasn't anywhere to be found during the whole game.  Surprisingly Backus held his own.  Even when they would move Peppers to the right, he was still well blocked. 

The road game losing streak, kaput.  The tempo has now been set for the whole season now.  The offense looked like the top of the pack with this game.  Hopefully they'll keep it up.

Final Grade:  A,   A+ 

Week 1 Grade:  Defense

Other end of the ball.  The defense was outstanding.  I think.  Oh shoot a green bucket.  One thing I couldn't ever get in my Psychic training was retaining some of the dream as time went on.   I knew I shouldn't of started to watch Gossip Girl!  Always keeps me glued to the TV.  Well, I guess you'll just have to wait for Sunday on this front.

Final Grade: TBD (Sunday)


Well there you have it you infected little Lions and or Lionesses.  It's getting late and I still have to pass out some more Topheroids before the night is done. 

Raise our glasses (of Honolulu Blue Kool-Aid) and let's toast.  Here's to finally not being laughed at when we say, I'm a Lions fan.  Cheers.

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