Has Detroit Shaken The Loss Against Chicago?

     It's an intriguing match up on Sunday; one team arrives with the hint of a quarterback controversy in the wind while the other is forced to deal with one of the more tormenting losses in recent NFL history.  Detroit, a team, a city, with deep pride, tradition and history sees their fortunes rising only to be stung by that cruel combination of Bad Luck and Injury.

   Hey, we all know the script, right?  The Lions are supposed to curl into the fetal position with their thumbs placed firmly in their mouths while they feebly allow the rest of the NFL to wipe their cleats on that long established doormat which is (or was) the Detroit Lions.

    I'm not so sure I buy that however.  Look, I'm not pretending to be an astute observer of any team from the NFC North but I've had a loose eye on the Motor City franchise for several years, most likely stemming from the Thanksgiving games I've watched over the years.  I've seen the vision grow from the old Silverdome to the palatial majesty of Ford Field and I've watched this misery of endurance from afar (always feeling some sort of a kinship with it, probably due to my loyalties to the Boston Red Sox)

     And I must admit, my respect has grown for that plagued but recently resurrected franchise.

    I like this game and I like the way it's shaping up.  Philly rolls in, most likely feeling the air of invincibility.  But I'm not so sure they're walking out with a win.  It's my feeling that Detroit proved one thing beyond all else last week and that is they know how to win.  Regardless of what the scoreboard said at the end of regulation that was Detroit announcing to the league that the days of old are no more and the rise of new talent is a force to be reckoned with.

    In that light I pose the question.  Beyond the keys to victory and the roll call of injuries and such, what's the feeling in Detroit on the Friday prior to the game?  I must believe Detroit not only feels they can win this game but now begins to feel they will win this game.

    Is that the case?  What's the level of emotion going in?  I freely admit I'm not a Lions' fan as my loyalties lie with the New England Patriots (and yes, that Turkey Day Showdown is one I've had on my radar for a while now) but I like football.  NFL football.  And I like the intrigue behind this game.  I'd love to hear some impressions on what the pulse is out there and I ask with the open mind of curiosity. 

     When the grills get fired for the Sunday tailgate is the parking lot emotion going to be one of resignation (better not be) or one of "Let's go Rock The World"?

     I'm interested to find out.  Thanks, Detroit.  Enjoy the weekend and maybe we're discussing a big, big win on Monday.


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