An Impossible feat.

We can look at all the optimistic stats, how well our first round picks are playing, how great our D-Line has been but what does this all lead up too. 0-2. The only thing that matters is Wins. I really would not care if our stats were horrifying if we were 2-0 because that record is all that matters. We as Lions fans know this all to exceptionally well.

How can we prove we are not the Lions of the past 9 years?

Where is the ladder, the rope, the escape from this pit of darkness?

Its right in front of us.

Week 3 Lions @ Vikings

Chance of winning- above average

With Brett Favre's age finally catching up to him and the ability of our D-Line to penetrate we can put pressure on their passing game all day. Unfortunately Brett Favre has an uncanny ability to play at his highest level against the Lions, always. Adrian Peterson is going to rack up yards, no doubt about that. His weakness though? Fumbles. Turnovers = much higher chance of winning games, as seen in the Bears game.Vikings will be hovering over Jahvid Best all game, if they don't they'll pay. Now with more attention on Best its time for Calvin to step up and find the open field or one on one coverages. Best cannot get the ball as much as he did last week and stay healthy all year.

Note: Watch Visanthe Shiancoe- he is a dangerous target.


Week 4 Lions @ Packers

Chance of winning- Very, very, VERY low.

Not to be a downer, but there is very little upside to this match-up. With our weak Secondary and below-average linebacker crew, Arron Rodgers could and will have a field day. Only getting constant pressure might slow him down a bit. One upside I can think of is Ryan Grant being out. This will help us focus on the Pass game more, but certainly don't underestimate Brandon Jackson. In a place where we haven't won since 1991, the only way I see us winning is in a shootout or the Packers just break down- unlikely.

Note: Watch John Kuhn, dangerous in the red zone.



One game has a good chance, the other not so much. Yet this is the kind of set up, the kind of "ladder" to escape the black hole of the past. Two division games, on the road. An Impossible feat? Perhaps. Let the climb of Mt. Everest begin! If we reach the summit, The Detroit Lions will no longer be who we have been regarded as. We will have Restored the Roar.



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