1 Week Later...The Truth Hurts More than the Reality

The catch that wasn't a catch.  The mishaps. The couldabeens. The what ifs. 0-2.

That is our reality right now. A reality that's become all too familiar.  Yet, Detroit Lions fans seem to be still in a this isn't real. Like we're lost between dimensions...just trying to get home. For those that need to wake up. Here's the truth.  You're not going to like it...

The Lions being 0-2 has nothing to do with Matthew Stafford's injury...Or Deandre Levy's injury...or anybody's injury. It has nothing to do with the catch that wasn't a catch, or the reemergence of Michael Vick. The Chicago Bears think they are a good team right now (they aren't) because of the Truth...not the reality. An entire organization is making a COLOSSAL decision, to start a guy, taking away a chance from a guy who deserves a chance, and giving it to a guy who has had MANY chances...because of Truth...not the reality.  The Detroit Lions will probably finish 4-12, and fans will suffer thru yet another losing season...because of the Truth. And for people that see the truth (few really do) it is painful. It is hard to watch.

What is this TRUTH?

The Truth that is Scott Linehan & Gunther Cunnigham. The Truth is, for 2 weeks in a row, the Lions coaching staff has called 2 of the worst games I've ever seen at the pro level.

Game 1...Was without a doubt, the worst offensive game called I've ever seen. For 99% of the game, we were in 2 formations. Formation 1: 2 TE 2 WR. Formation 2:  Shotgun 3 WR.  Here's the crazy's the "how do you have a job Scott Linehan" part... 99% of the time they were in the 2 TE formation - they RAN the ball. No play action. No passes whatsoever.  And 95% of the time they were in Shotgun - they THREW. Seriously??? 

Why do you think Jahvid Best, and every other runner was getting stopped in the backfield on almost every run. Do you know how easy it is to defend someone when you KNOW what they're doing! It got to the point where Urlacher didn't even have to call the plays. The whole bears team would see the formation and just get ready to stop Best.  It had nothing to do with The Bears' defense. The Cowboys proved that when they put up over 400 yards this past weekend. Now Linehan DID improve in week 2. But he had nowhere to go but up. And honestly if not for Best, the outcome wouldn't have been much different. But yet at the most crucial point of the game...3rd & 1 you come out big formation with Suh - liked the idea - it didn't work. But 4'th & 1 - you left the same formation out there. EVERYBODY IN THE BUILDING knew they were going to run the same play. And again, when teams know what you're doing, you're easy to stop. That was the game right there.

But the story of Game 2 really was the defensive scheme. And again, I can't believe that I'm typing this goes.  Desean Jackson caught 4 balls Sunday. For 3 of them...NOBODY WAS LINED UP OVER HIM. Are you serious??? Ok try it once, you get burned for a 50 yard touchdown. Ok. You got me. But to continue to do it thruout the game? Mind boggling.

Most Lions fans think we don't have the talent to win. And while I'm not saying we have the players (mainly the secondary) to win the Superbowl, there is enough talent on this team to go 9-7. But our secondary could have been Champ Bailey, Revis, Adrian Wilson, and Ed Reed and we still would have lost the game. Because if you call a 4-3 consistently against a 3 WR set... you're going to lose. 

I can understand the need to put pressure on Vick, so you want to blitz. But the key is disguising what you're doing - not showing the whole world your hand. Our loss Sunday, Vick's performance, the fact that for 2 weeks in a row, we were apart of the #1 story in football - had nothing to do with Shaun Hill's play, or Stafford's injury etc etc. We'd be 1-1, and Kevin Kolb would be starting this week - IF somebody was lined up over Jackson those other 3 times...

Do you know how ridiculous that sounds????

But that's the Truth. 

I like Schwartz. I like his demeanor and his no nonsense approach. And I can respect what Schwartz is trying to do - let his coordinators call the game.  That's what you're supposed to do. But if the Lions have any shot at respectability this year - changes are going to have to be made.  Especially defensively. I think we have enough talent on offense (if healthy) to overcome Linehan's ineptitude. But we are not going to win playoff games with Linehan & Cunnigham calling the games as they have been for the last 18 games.

"Well we weren't expected to make the playoffs this year anyway"

Thats not the point. The point is. If you don't identify the problem at the source. Nothing..the Draft, free agency, player progression won't matter.  And if you have to change coordinators in 2 years (which they will) that sets back all your players. And Lions fans know about that all too well.

There are more indictments on this coaching staff...

Derrick Williams still being on this team (for what?) Jonathan Wade being on the field for any reason other than to cheer. Cunnigham reportedly saying that Delams could start on any team in the NFL at CORNERBACK. Laughable. etc etc.

But the bottom line is this. This team finally has some decent players, and some truly great players (anybody still want Gerald Mckoy?). But this year, more than in years past, I'm going to have to sit thru another dismal season..because a man being paid a million dollars a year to coach - won't call a Nickel defense against 3 WR.

Just watch. It will happen again this week. The Vikings, a team ripe for the picking, will all of a sudden be revitalized this week with a big win over the Lions. And if they make the playoffs, it will be because of a win this week. And Favre will have a dynamite game. And once again the lions will be apart of the #1 story in football this week. All because we have coaches who can't call a gameplan?


Only in Lions Land, is this our Truth, and our Reality.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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