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 The list of things I am looking for from this young roster other than just a win. Last week I have to say no matter what you think of Shaun Hill he and Best managed to help lead us to a suprising comeback. If only Hill and Scheffler had connected on that last pass. What might have been. I will admit putting all  issues aside Vick really impressed me sunday. Personally I think he is a better QB now that he was in Atlanta his passing abillity seems better from the pocket. That spin move out of the sack I hate to say it but I was glad I got to witness that amazing move. Hell of an Athlete but I won't sit here and praise how vick beat us. Lo-Jack filled in nice for Avril but I think the D line will still be better off when Cliff gets back in there the boy from Purdue is set to have his best season yet. He told me so himself. So I put alot of thought into this I was gonna post it tommorow sense the last 2 weeks I did it on Thursday but close enough. This week I look for vas improvment is some areas but just smarter play from some.

1. The secondary- As expected the secodary is without a doubt a biggest weakness I will be watching closely for someone to step up as the guy next to Houston. Vasher, Smith, Wade I don't care as long as they can get the job done.

2. Linebackers- Follett has looked better not great but better. If it wasn't for JP though I would swear we have no linebackers out there. Time to step it up guys they get harder to tackle than Lesean McCoy had he looked like Cj2K there at the end. Hold AP in check this week and get some respect.

3 Best- Is the best theing we have going I am glad he could run away with rookie of the year this season BUT I am afraid we will rely to much on him. Running him into the ground or just forcing the issue on defenses and he will be less effective. Lets open up the pass game as difficult as the lack of burrelson will make that we can really open this offense up for Jahvid against the Williams wall.

4. Pettibeast!- Pettigrew looked good I thought last sunday I hope to see him continue to have games like that he can be a hard target to cover and is still a asset in the blocking game.

5. Shaun Hill- Looks to be Hill will start again this sunday. I am looking closely to see hill get his timing down with some guys. Look for recivers not just TE's and Best. Calvin is good for more than one TD a game.

6. Shaincoe- The vikings Tight End is now Favres favorite and best target. Tight ends can be hard to cover but if we can cover him good Berrian will beat himself. Harvin may not play either leaving the new Hank Baskett to fill in. Control Shaincoe somehow and we almost have this game won already.

7.(In my best Rich Eisen impression) Adrain...Peterson!- Say what you will about his fumbles the guy is good..DAMN GOOD! We managed to shut him out for almost a whole half last year. I think we can play bend but down break here. Try to keep his lanes plugged just don't let him bust the big one.

8. The Lines- Our D-lines are both very good are O-lines both haven't performed extremley well so theres not a huge advantage so to say. Whos ever lines step up there game sunday WILL win this game. I think we have a great chance of that as long as the QB killer can be kept in check. We need to chip Jared Allen or something.

9. Derrick Williams- This your time man you want to play. There is nobody that wants you to fail. I don't expect you to win the game for us. Just bring your A game and catch the ball man.

10. TOP- Time Of Posestion!- We keep Peterson and Favre off the field its that simple. Show that we can move the chains and control the ball. They cannont score if we have the ball. This means runs, screens, checkdowns just move the ball and convert don't turn it over. It sounds simple but thats what we need THE BALL. Take the FG if you must but score and take your time doing it. Lets make them throw the ball and play from behind.

If we can do theses things we WILL beat the Minnesota vikings IN Minnesota of all places.

This week theres a Bonus number 11!  Hold on to your hats.

60 MINUTES- The Ravens, Texans, Jets, Steelers are all winning games. How is that, they are ALL 60 Minute ball clubs. Last week we started to look tired and beaten up at times. I know its football and that happens but to win you have to play every down like the first down.

Comedy always works best when it is mean-spirited.- John Cleese (The Pythons)

Just for fun heres a link to a classic Monty Python

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