Defensive strategy vs Minnesota

Wayne sparked a thought in my under-used brain today....using five down lineman against Minnesota on Sunday.  Ramblings after the jump

With Follett doubtful with a concussion, Levy slowed by a groin and really poor backups, I see a 5-2-4 as an excellent formation this Sunday.  As Mr. Fontes has already stated our 5 down would be KVB, Williams, SLH, Suh and Avril/McBride.  That would only leave us two backers (Peterson and Levy), which is the reason you rarely see it at the pro level, but it would allow us to have our most talented defensive players on the field together.  Lets talk about how it would work.

So, in my mind, you could straight rush all five of the dline.  SLH in the middle, right over center, to disrupt the play for the beginning of a pass or hold his ground against a run up the middle.  Williams and Suh would bracket Hill and rush the passer while staying in their gaps.  KVB and Avril/McBride would line up wide, rush the edge and close the pocket.  We could have Levy and Peterson cover the flats in zone coverage, have our cbs man up on their wr's, and have our safteys play the middle (one step up in the middle of the field like a mike and the other play centerfield to bailout a cb if they go deap).

Problem is all this leaves the Lions very vulnerable to the screen pass and the dump off to a TE or a crossing WR in the middle of the field.

We could switch it up by dropping a DE or even Suh into coverage (Avril and KVB are athletic enough and McBride was a 3-4 OLB not long ago).

  We could run double stunts on the outside. 

We could rush Peterson around KVB on the right, rotate levy and drop avril into coverage.....basically an overlaod to the qbs blindside. 

Best of all, I doubt they would be prepared for it (also, I don't respect Chillys ability to adjust on the fly). WIth five down-lineman, if they doubled Suh they would pay on the outside. 

So, those of you who went to a better football school than me (UofM, University of Madden that is..:) JK), what do you think?  Maybe I'm missing something here but it looks like a viable tactic given the areas of talent, and lack thereof, on this team.  Play to your strengths and hide your weaknesses right?


PS.  Eff Farve, Eff Millen and GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS.  Is anyone other than me worried that Favre will get hurt and Tavaris Jackson will "Michael VIck" us?

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