OK, so what's your solution?

With all of the losing we've seen lately, especially the previous two week's heartbreakers, coupled with the handling we receieved today, I see a LOT of negativity. And that's not surprising, or bad necessarily - we as fans have a right to demand a product that is up to snuff.

However, I do take issue with the fact that 95% of these people complaining do nothing but that. We are two years removed from hoisting the mantle of the worst statistical team ever fielded in the NFL. When Jim Schwartz came here, he basically hit the reset button, and attempted to find roughly 50 decent players to play on this team. Now, two years later, I can identify SIXTEEN players off the top of my head, who may not be paying dividends at this moment, but show an incredible amount of promise:

QB Matthew Stafford
RB Jahvid Best
RB Kevin Smith
WR Calvin Johnson
TE Brandon Pettigrew
LG Rob Sims
DT Ndamukong Suh
DT Sammie Lee Hill
DE Willie Young
DE Turk McBride
DE Lawrence Jackson
MLB DeAndre Levy (I guess)
S Louis Delmas
CB Alphonso Smith
CB Amari Speivey
WR/KR Stefan Logan

The vast majority of these guys are VERY young - I have to work shortly so I'll venture a guess that the average number of years in the league between these men is 2-3. Our offensive line is relatively old, and not all that great. If even a handful of these guys pan out to be good to very good in the NFL, we will make serious strides.

Regardless of the contract you're given or the place you're drafted, players need to develop. We've invested heavily in the future these last two years, and these players are largely without veteran leadership on the field. It's a trial by fire, and the early days are going to be rough going. 

I fully believe the playcalling needs to be examined... heavily, offensively. We simply can't get ANYTHING going, and that has got to change. Shaun Hill's statistics are close to par for what I'd expect out of him, but he wasn't and still is not ready to actually lead this team. We got caught off guard - who predicted Stafford would suffer a serious injury halfway through week 1? There was no contingency for Hill in place, so we're stuck with the gameplans and schemes set up with Stafford in mind. That's on coaching, putting all your eggs into one basket. I truly do want to see continuity in this team's coaching staff, but after this season, we may need to assess our offensive situation. The weapons are there, the pieces just aren't fitting. Stafford needs to stay healthy, and we can get rolling.


There's my assessment, and a solution for the future. What's yours? Instead of everyone repeating the same tripe like a bunch of angry sheep, let's hear your SOLUTION for turning this team around, and generate some positivity around here.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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