Jumping ship?? ummmm, why?

Another Sunday, another loss. So we all start calling for the head of Scott Linehan and Shaun Hill and whoever else we can blame? First of all Linehan has more knowledge of this great game in his right pinky fingernail than you do in your whole head. Secondly, Hill is our back-up! BACK-UP. And as losing our leader and having our back-up to attempt to lead this offense greatly decreases our chances of winning- DUH.

I have seen comments on threads today after an 0-3 start, GIVING UP ON THE SEASON?! Two years ago we did not win a single game, one year ago we won 2, so its the third year right? After a bad start, its time to call for someones head. Seriously it appeared after the loss today we were grabbing our pitchforks and torches and were getting ready to burn someones job.

Our three losses

@ Bears- Lost by 5, on controversial call.

vs. Eagles- Lost by 3 on near comeback

@ Vikings- shot ourselves in the foot.


By the way all of the teams we have lost too have been playing, all three have a chance to make the playoffs, most likely two of them. And we want to jump ship? Give up? Call this an automatic 2 or 3 win season, hmm ok. Im calling you out Lions fans! I understand your frustration and anger. I have been a Lions fan for 10 years. And these have prolly been the worst ten years of this Franchise.


When we lose our starting QB, our true Leader, When we shoot ourselves in the foot, the back, the head. When it would appear that it is the refs and the NFL's goal to knock the Lions down and out for good. I tell you, one of the few things of dignity this franchise has left is its fans!! True, die-hard, fans, best in the NFL! Without a doubt. You take any NFL team put in the same situation as we have been and the support we still give our Lions would be twice as much as any other NFL team who would have ten, long, dark, years. Jump the ship? Fine, jump the ship and drown. But Im gonna keep on rowing in this great Lions boat. SET THE SAILS! BRACE FOR THE STORM! GO LIONS!!!

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