Breaking down our coaching staff

 Some of you have began questioning Jims abillity as a head coach not to mention Cunningham and Linehan. You may not like the play calling but if you look at the pedigree and the past..We have damn good staff. Just remember like any rookie there are growing pains with a new head coach too he will make bad calls. The good coaches learn from those calls. Schwartz best abillity seems to be finding talent in the draft why is that? What makes Linehan capable of being a offensive coordinator when all we do is throw check downs? Why is cunninhams defense SO BAD? Lets take a look at wikipedia.

NFL head coaches under whom Jim Schwartz has served:

  • Bill Belichick, Cleveland Browns (1993–1995)
  • Ted Marchibroda, Baltimore Ravens (1996–1998)
  • Jeff Fisher, Tennessee Titans (1999–2008)
  • Jim got his start with the Browns doing reseach for Bill Belichicks coaching staff (personal Scout). He served as a defensive assistant for the Baltimore defense from 1996-1998 in 1999 he bacame defensive assistant for the Tennsee titans in 2001 he was promoted to Defensive coordinator to replace Gregg Williams the man that turned around the Saints defense. In 2009 he was hired as our head coach. In college he was a 4 year letterman at linebacker for the Hoyas of Georgetown University.
    Scott Linehan while a failed head coach on a poor St louis rams team in 199- 2001 was the OC/QB coach for Louisville in 2002 he was hired as OC/ WR coach for the record breaking Minnesota vikings offense. In 2005 he was hired as the OC on a poor Miami dolphins team and was still given the HC job for the St louis rams in 2006. While Scotts record isn't promising when he had the talent in minnesota he did very well. All his failures happend on teams with poor drafting habbits. His career record is only .306 while thats not promising by anymeans his first year with the Rams he still managed to finish 2nd in the NFC west. A team thats talent was fast fading as the greatest show on turf days were obviously over.
    Gunther Cunningham

    During his original tenure as defensive coordinator, Cunningham's defenses allowed an average of only 16.4 points per game, the best mark in the NFL and had a turnover margin of +30, tops in the AFC. Under his lead, a number of players excelled, including stars such as Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, James Hasty, and Dale Carter. Cunningham's defenses led Kansas City to an overall record of 42-22.

    After the Chiefs missed the playoffs in 1998, head coach Marty Schottenheimer resigned, opening the door for Cunningham's promotion to the head coach position. After finishing two seasons with a .500 win percentage, Cunningham was fired and replaced by Dick Vermeil. The move was controversial at the time as Cunningham claims he was never informed by management that he was to be fired, and apparently only found out about it after discovering the article regarding his termination on the Chiefs website after he showed up to work one morning. Cunningham went on to become a successful linebackers coach for the Tennessee Titans. Under Vermeil, the Chiefs' offense exploded, but its defense struggled, resulting in the firing of Vermeil's choice of defensive coordinator, Greg Robinson. Cunningham was hired again to revitalize a defense that had finished near or at the bottom of the overall rankings since Schottenheimer and Cunningham departed.

    For the 2008 season, Cunningham coached the Chiefs' linebackers as well as serving as the defensive coordinator.

    Cunningham was hired as the Detroit Lions defensive coordinator on January 21, 2009, about a week after the Lions hired new head coach Jim Schwartz, who he worked with on the Titans from 2001-2003.[1] 

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